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Introducing 2 New Authors, Addison Good and Greg Gellas


Everyone here at Detailed Image is excited to introduce Addison Good of Good Guys Detailing and Greg Gellas of Signature Detailing as new authors to the Ask-A-Pro Blog Team! Both Addison and Greg take a lot of pride in their work and are committed to helping out the Ask-A-Pro community. They are excited to help out all of our readers by sharing their extensive knowledge of auto detailing!

Addison Good grew up in the small town of Chillicothe, Ohio. After high school he moved to Columbus Ohio where he attended DeVry University. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, but he decided to start a detailing business instead of pursuing a job in his field. He worked alongside and was trained by one of our own writers, Todd Cooperider of Esoteric Detail. As Addison’s skill increased he started managing collections and taking care of exotics in a high end car storage facility. He now lives in Naples Florida detailing high end cars for his own company, Good Guys Detailing, or check them out on Facebook. He’s based out of Naples, FL but he can service vehicles in the entire South Florida area as a mobile detailer. Addison offers a large variety of services and packages that vary from a simple car wash, to a full blown corrective paint detail. He has worked on many impressive vehicles such as the Under Ground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo, Lamborghini Murcielago, Ford GT, Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Vantage, Mercedes SLS AMG, Mazerati Gran Tourismo, Ferrari 599 GTB. He did an amazing job on a Lamborghini Performante, take a look for yourself! Outside of detailing Addison enjoys cycling, mountain biking, cars, photography, techno music and trips to Las Vegas. He participates annually in a 180 mile two day bike race organized by Pelontonia in Columbus, Ohio that raises money for cancer research. The whole Pelotonia organization has raised over 25 million dollars in the past three years.

Greg attended the University of Harford in Connecticut and received degrees in Sociology, Psychology, and Criminal Justice. After college Greg went to work in his family’s restaurant and he currently still works in the food industry as a manager at a banquet facility. Greg was a board member for NNJR SCCA for many years, and has done some Wheel2Wheel racing and Autocross in the past. After many years of training and learning the detailing trade Greg formed Signature Detailing, or visit them on Facebook located in Randolph New Jersey. Believing that there is so much more to a good detail then just a wash and a wax, he wants to not only provide the best detail possible, but to also educate customers on how to maintain and get the most out of a detail. It’s a premium detailing service that provides exceptional work on every vehicle no matter what vehicle it is or the service selected. Greg works out of his shop in Northern NJ and he will also travel to clients homes as a mobile detailer. Signature Detailing offers basic detailing packages along with many more involved packages, like a complete paint correction and a permanent paint coating for long lasting protection. Greg has worked with fellow Ask-A-Pro author DJ Mayo from DJ Mayo Studios,  on some incredible detailing jobs on high end vehicles as well. Contact Greg if you’re interested in any work in the Northern NJ area!

With the addition of Greg Gellas that means we have three people with name Greg on the Ask-A-Pro Team! So just to avoid any future confusion, below is a list differentiating each of them.
1) Greg Gellas – Ask-A-Pro Author, Signature Detailing of Randolph New Jersey
2) Greg Nichols – Ask-A-Pro Author, Reflections Detailing of Logan, Utah
3) Greg Pautler – Co-Owner of DetailedImage.com and the Ask-A-Pro Blog

We’ll have articles out from both new authors this coming week that we are excited to share with you. Thank you for reading and please help me welcome our two new authors to the Ask-A-Pro Blog!

12 comments on Introducing 2 New Authors, Addison Good and Greg Gellas

  1. Jon says:

    This sounds like a great addition to your team! Congratulations!!

    I, like many others I am sure, look forward to reading and learning from their material.



  2. Brad W. says:

    Greg and Addison,

    Welcome and thanks for joining. I personally, as I know many others are, anxious to get to know you, nor can we wait for the opportunity to learn from you guys. Also I (we) are looking forward to your pointers, tips, tricks, and product reviews/recommendations. If the other DI-pros currently on the A-A-P Blog are an indication of the quality and skill level of you two gentleman, then it is indeed a great day for us Noobs

    Greg (of the Gellas variety); it’s also especially good to learn of a DI affiliated, quality detailer in the NJ metro area. I expect that others in the tri-state region are as happy as I am about that!

    I hope that you will be a great help for us fledgling detailers in the NJ/PA/NY area.

    Again welcome to both of you and let the lessons begin!


  3. Greg Gellas Greg Gellas says:

    Thanks so much. I myself am excited to be a part of such an amazing team of detailers. Expect an open house soon enough for the “fledgling detailers” and other auto enthusiasts. I might schedule it when DJ Mayo comes North and visits me so everyone can meet the both of us. I think we could make it a really fun event for all here in the tri-state area.


  4. Todd Cooperider Todd Cooperider says:

    Welcome to the team fellas…you’ve earned a spot amongst the elite with all of the hard work and dedication to the craft that you’ve made. We all look forward to learning and benefiting from your articles.

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