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CarPro Merino Wool Wash Mitt

CarPro Merino Wool Wash Mitt
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Product Information

  • Extra soft wool fibers provide a delicate cleaning
  • Made with 100% Australian merino wool
  • 10" long by 6" thick with 2 3/8" long wool fibers
  • Excellent wash mitt for paint, wheels, glass, etc.!
  • Product Code: CP-45
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Product Description

Gently and safely clean your paint by removing various contaminants with the CarPro Merino Wool Wash Mitt! The all natural 100% Australian merino wool fibers are the perfect choice for safe and efficient cleanings. These 2 3/8" long fibers break up contaminants pulling them off the surface and removing dirt and grime without risking scratches, swirls, etc. Every little crevice and crack will be cleaned when using this 10" long by 6" thick mitt. The mesh pocket allows you to slide your hand in and out with ease during the wash process. The other cool feature of this pocket being on the outside of the mitt, instead of inside, is that it allows the wash mitt to dry much more efficiently. When a mitt dries faster it helps extend its life and avoid any rotting like you may see in other wool wash mitts. While natural mitts like this have more variation in their durability compared to synthetic mitts, all these features help make it a more durable natural mitt. Overall it's a great mitt that is perfect for thoroughly and safely washing your vehicle. So when you want to really pamper your vehicle, the CarPro Merino Wool Wash Mitt is a great choice!

CarPro Use and Care Tips:
  • Rinse well before first use. It is steam sterilized before shipping, however it is best to brush it out and rinse before its first use
  • After washing a vehicle rinse the mitt clean of all soap
  • Simply swing or shake this mitt to remove the excess water
  • Place on a clean Grit Guard (preferably face down) and allow to dry completely
  • Use a brush with sufficient spacing between the bristles and gently brush the mitt a couple times to keep fur from tangling over time
  • It is normal to experience a little hair loss but there is no need to over brush your mitt
  • Store in a clean place for its next use

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