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Clean Shine Protect
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Collinite 840 Pre-Wax Cleaner

Collinite 840 Pre-Wax Cleaner - 16 oz
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Available Sizes

Collinite 840 Pre-Wax Cleaner
16 oz

Product Information

  • Will remove embedded contamination, fine swirls, etc. creating a clean and clear surface
  • Easy application by hand or with a buffer
  • Proudly made here in the USA!
  • Apply the Collinite 845 Insulator Wax for an incredible shine and durable protection
  • Product Code: 840
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Product Description

Collinite Pre Wax Cleaner No. 840 will help remove embedded contamination from your paint so that you can apply a layer of protection on a clean surface afterward. No. 840 is a strong chemical cleaner with mild polishing particles that will provide light to medium polishing power. It will safely remove brake dust, dirt, film, light oxidation, oil, bird droppings, water spots, grease, tough stains, and much more from your paint. While removing these contaminants it will also help correct imperfections in your paint like light swirls and ultra fine scratches! This incredible product creates a more optically clear surface so you can get that maximum shine again. The application can be done by hand or with a dual action buffer and a black or white pad. For best results apply to a small section of your car (2ft x 2ft) and remove the excess product with a clean microfiber towel right after. You will be amazed by the level of gloss and clarity from your paint after the surface has been cleaned. No. 840 is not recommended for some dark colored clear coats by itself because it may leave behind a slight haze. If you would like to use this product on dark paints simply follow it up with a lighter polish (Menzerna Micro Polish SF 4500 (PO85RD)) and pad (blue) combo to ensure any haze is removed. After using any polish or pre-wax cleaner use your favorite sealant or wax after to enhance the shine you just created! The Collinite 845 Insulator Wax is a great choice to use to make the paint pop! Just like all of the Collinite products No. 840 is hand poured and hand crafted in the good old USA! If you have to have that head turning shine, add the Collinite Pre Wax Cleaner No. 840 to your order!

From The Label

Product Description


Removes dirt, bugs, stains, etc. from exterior auto surfaces while preparing finish for follow-up wax. Recommended for lacquered and enameled paints, chrome fixtures, reflectors, wood and fiberglass boats and light clear coat paint; white, silver etc. NOT recommended for dark clear coat finishes.


DIRECTIONS:Shake well before using. Surface should be lukewarm to the touch. Apply THIN amount of No.850 to a 2X2 ft section at a time with applicator pad. Rub well to loosen all film, debris and discoloration. Reapply as necessary until surface is free of embedded contaminants. Polish off immediately with dry microfiber or soft cotton towel. For shine and protection on clean surface, follow up with one of Collinite's last step waxes (No. 845, 925, 476, 885, or 915).

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