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DI Accessories Reclosable Storage Bag

Reclosable Bag for microfiber and other detailing supplies
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Available Sizes

DI Accessories Reclosable Storage Bag
24" x 24"

Product Information

  • Simple solution for storing microfiber towels!
  • The large 24" x 24" size offers flexibility to accommodate dozens of towels
  • Thick reclosable bags make it a durable long term solution to storage needs
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Product Description

The DI Accessories Reclosable Storage Bag is perfect for storing your Microfiber and other detailing supplies. Microfiber towels have become the backbone to high quality detailing so caring for your towels is critical. This large 24" x 24" bag can easily handle dozens of your favorite microfiber towels so they remain clean in between uses. The natural static charge every microfiber towel has will literally pull in contaminants from the environment. If you leave them out in the garage or around the house you can be sure they'll pull in dust and dirt over time. Place them in this 2ft x 2ft reclosable air tight bag so you can preserve your towels and keep them in ideal condition for years to come. This bag can also hold buffing pads, applicators, brushes and other miscellaneous supplies. Stop wondering why your microfiber towels have gotten dirty and store them properly in this quality Reclosable Storage Bag.

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