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Forma Car Wash Shampoo

Forma Car Wash Shampoo - 16 oz
Forma Car Wash Shampoo - 16 oz Alternative View Forma Car Wash Shampoo - 16 oz Alternative View #2
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Available Sizes

Forma Car Wash Shampoo
16 oz

Product Information

  • Safely and easily remove dirt and grime with minimal effort!
  • pH neutral and safe for various paint finishes
  • Highly concentrated unique formula
  • Made in the USA!
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

If you have dirt and grime taking away from the overall appearance of your vehicle, the Forma Car Wash Shampoo will help you remove it safely and easily! Various contaminants find their way to the surface, no matter the environment your vehicle is in. Dirt, dust, road grime, tar, bird bombs, love bugs, etc. it will all hit the paint and take away from the overall luster and look of the vehicle. Using a high quality car shampoo will not only remove the majority of the contamination on the surface, but it will do so safely! The Forma Car Wash Shampoo is hyper concentrated and formulated with high end, high gloss cleaning agents. These features are all compiled together to make a unique formula, that provides you with a nice rich foam to help lubricate the surface and encapsulate contamination. Dirt and grime will be lifted and removed from the surface safely. This means you can wash an extremely dirty vehicle while minimizing any wash induced swirls or scratches. Whether you are working with a Foam Gun, Foam Lance, Foam Cannon, or by hand (traditional two-bucket wash method), you will be amazed at the cleaning ability that the Forma Car Wash Shampoo provides. Remember how we mentioned a high gloss finish? The high end polymers that this shampoo is packed with not only help clean the surface, but they will leave behind some gloss enhancers, leaving your paint shiny and smooth or slick to the touch. Oh, and I almost forgot, this shampoo, like the rest of the Forma line, smells fantastic! Pick up the Forma Car Wash Shampoo today and clean your paint with ease!

Dilution Ratio:
  • Maintenance Wash - 1/2 ounce soap to 1 gallon of water
  • Wax Removal - Up to 1 ounce soap to 1 gallon of water

Professional Detailer Reviews

Forma Car Wash Shampoo proved to be a surprising hit in the shop. It foamed brilliantly, added great lubricity to the surface, smelled great, and seemed to do a great job in helping lift stubborn contaminants off the surface before/during the washing process. We used it on paint, paint protection film (PPF), and wheels and it worked equally well on all surfaces without leaving any residue behind.

- Initial Impressions: Forma Car Wash Shampoo by Greg Gellas


Washing & Drying With Forma Shampoo

From The Label

Product Description

The FORMA Advantage
  • PH neutral - safe on any paint finish
  • Safe on wax, sealant, vinyl and coatings
  • Easy to rinse - streak-free finish
  • Effectively removes grime, buildup and dirt
  • Highly concentrated and efficient
Forma Car Wash Shampoo is a safe and effective solution for cleaning your vehicle's finish. This highly concentrated wash shampoo can be used with traditional two-bucket method as well as a foam gun or cannon. Our wash shampoo is concentrated and needs to be properly diluted with water for best results. Our PH neutral formula is safe for all exterior surfaces including wax, sealant, coatings and vinyl/wraps.


  1. Shake well
  2. Mix 1/2 ounce of shampoo with each gallon of water in a clean Forma Wash Bucket.
  3. Rinse the vehicle with water to remove loose grit and surface dirt.
  4. Use with Forma Sheepkin Wash Mitt and wash top to bottom.
  5. Rinse the car often especially if washing on a hot or sunny day. Do not allow soapy water to dry on your paint.
  6. Finish by drying with Forma Waffle Drying Towel.
  7. For optimal results, follow up with Forma Detail Spray or Forma Optical Sealant.

Customer Reviews

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This product has a lot of lubricant for lifting off dirt safely from the cars paint and a lot of suds and is ph balanced. The con is that it seems to separate so you have to shake it before you pour it other than that this is a great product to add to your arsenal

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