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Clean Shine Protect
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Hyde's Serum Rustopper

Hyde's Serum Rustopper - 500 ml
Hyde's Serum Rustopper - 500 ml Alternative View
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Available Sizes

Hyde's Serum Rustopper
500 ml

Product Information

  • Removes ugly rust stains
  • Protects rotors against future rust build ups
  • Spray it on wet wheels, let it dry, wipe away excess and you're done
  • Incredibly easy to use and amazingly effective!
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Product Description

Have you ever cleaned your wheels, only to be disappointed with rusty brake rotors? Well, the Hyde's Serum Rustopper is your answer to this ugly mess! Rustopper will help clean your rotors and pads, removing some some of your existing rust while coating your rotors and pads in a protective film that helps prevent any future rust from occurring. Upon completion your wheels will look significantly better and be protected against rusting as well. To use this product you'll want to first thoroughly clean your wheels and rotors. Simply spray on your favorite wheel cleaner, we recommend the Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full Effect, and clean with favorite wheel brush (i.e. EZ Detail Brush, Wheel Woolies, etc.). Rinse your wheels clean and before they dry, spray on a liberal amount of Rustopper to the rotors. Allow the Rustopper to dry, wipe away any excess water and cleaner on the wheels and walk away, it is that easy! You will be amazed with what you are left with, a clean looking rotor without that ugly orange rust. Not only is this extremely helpful in boosting the appearance of your wheels but it also helps prevent ugly orange brake dust from hurting the surface of your wheels as well. Rustopper is acid-free and pH-balanced, meaning that it will not harm brake your components and it is safe for all wheel finishes (i.e. steel, alloy, chrome, polishes, anodized, single stage paints, etc.). Keep your brake rotors looking their best with the easy to use Hyde's Serum Rustopper!

Professional Detailer Reviews

I'm impressed and will be using it on every detail job going forward. It's a great solution for the rusty rotor and I like it even more because it's quick and efficient. As you can imagine, I would highly recommend Hyde's Serum Rustopper for any professional and enthusiast detailer. It's a great product that works well, works quickly and gives better results!

- Product Review: Hyde's Serum Rustopper by Ivan Rajic

From The Label

Product Description

Hyde's Serum Rustopper
Anti-rust solution for wheel and braking systems.
  • Prevents flash rust from forming on brake rotors after washing wheel and braking systems, effectively eliminating "rust dust" from accumulating on your clean wheels.
  • Acid-free, pH-neutral formula will not attack wheel coating, lug nuts or braking systems.
  • Formula is safe on all types of steel and alloy wheels (including chrome and polished wheels), anodized finishes and single stage points.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: After cleaning wheel and braking system,
rinse thoroughly with water. While brake rotor is still wet, spray
Rustopper liberally on brake rotor surface in a sweeping motion and
allow to dry. Finally, wipe any excess liquid inside wheel.

PLEASE NOTE: Protect against frost or freezing. Do not apply in direct
sunlight. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Do not apply to hot wheels or
hot braking system.

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