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Meguiar's Foam Sanding Interface

Meguiar's Foam Sanding Interface - 6"
Meguiar's Foam Sanding Interface - 6" package label
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Meguiar's Foam Sanding Interface
Meguiar's Foam Sanding Interface

Product Information

  • Attaches to your backing plate to improve your sanding results
  • Helps improve correction results by allowing you to follow the curves and contours
  • Easily correct deeper paint imperfections when pairing this interface with the Meguiar's Foam Disc's
  • Allows you to achieve smooth and uniform results
  • Attaches to virtually any backing plate or the hand pad (ie Meguiar's Professional Hand Pad)
  • Product Codes: S3FI, S6FI
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Product Description

The Meguiar's Foam Sanding Interface will serve as a soft cushion between your backing plate and a Meguiar's Foam Finishing or Sanding Disc. Simply pair it up with the same size backing plate and Foam Finishing or Sanding Disc and you're ready to detail! You will be amazed at the improved results while sanding and polishing using this pad. The foam pad improves the disc's ability to follow the curves and contours of a vehicle, while allowing you to correct deeper imperfections with ease. This pad features a hook and loop backing so you can easily and securely attach it to any backing plate and any of the Meguiar's Unigrit Sanding and Finishing Discs. Meguiar's also recommends using this Foam Sanding Interface with the Meguiar's Professional Hand Pad for safe, even and thorough usage. If you are looking to get smooth, uniform results on all your sanding and finishing projects grab yourself a Meguiar's Foam Sanding Interface to pair with you Meguiar's Foam Finishing Disc's.

The Meguiar's Foam Sanding Interface comes in two great sizes:

3" Foam Sanding Interface - Perfect for the use with the 3" Meguiar's Unigrit Foam Disc's.

6" Foam Sanding Interface - Perfect for the use with the 6" Meguiar's Unigrit Foam Disc's.

From The Label

Product Description

Unigrit 3" or 6" Foam Interface Pad
Unigrit Premium Professional Finishing System
  • Soft pliable foam provides controlled conformability
  • Allows Unigrit System disc to safely follow contours and curves.
  • Quick and easy disc changes with micro hook/loop attachment.


Improves conformability resulting in safer sanding

Headlight and lens repair
  • For use during all sanding and finishing steps
  • Safe defect removal and adjusting Unigrit Sanding Disc aggressiveness.
  • For texture matching, defect removal and scratch refinement procedures.
Apply loop side to the hook side of the S3BP or S6BP Professional Backing Plate while making sure they are properly aligned. Apply a loop side of the Unigrit Sanding or Finishing Disc to the hook side of the S3FIS or S6FIS Foam Interface Pad while making sure they are aligned together properly. Use Unigrit Sanding Disc or Finishing Disc according to directions. To remove sanding or finishing disc, insert thumb in between Interface Pad & disc and pull gently to avoid potential damage to foam.

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