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Clean Shine Protect
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Meguiar's Ultimate Compound G172

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound G172 - 16 oz
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Meguiar's Ultimate Compound G172
16 oz

Product Information

Product Description

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound will help restore that deep gloss to even the most neglected finishes! This polish is loaded with Meguiar's micro abrasive technology which allows this compound to remove oxidation, water spots, swirls, scratches. This compound is a fast and easy to use product that allows you to remove these imperfections and finish the down the paint very well. We highly recommend applying via buffer, although it can be applied by hand as well. If you do apply it via buffer simply use an medium to heavy cutting pad (ie Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad). If you do have any haze left over the Meguiar's Ultimate Polish is the perfect follow up to restore that smooth, glossy, deep wet finish we all love. Remove heavy imperfections while finishing down your paint extremely well with the Meguiar's Ultimate Compound!


How to Maintain Your Car's Paint Finish

From The Label

Product Description

The Ultimate Product for Removing Paint Defects
  • Oxidation
  • Scratches
  • Water Spots
  • Blemishes
Without Scratching!

This revolutionary product dramatically reduces the time and effort required to restore an abused or neglected paint finish. It cuts so fast and leaves the finish looking so good; it's hard to believe possible. The secret is Meguiar's exclusive micro-abrasive technology created for Meguiar's state-of-the-art products for body shops and detailers.

Ultimate Compound is....the ultimate compound. Guaranteed to out perform all other rubber compounds in every way possible - or your money back.


DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL. For best results, apply in the shade to a cool, clean surface. Best to keep a bottle handy for paint emergencies.

For use by Hand: Dispense a small amount onto a foam applicator pad or a small, clean 100% terry towel. Apply to one section at a time using moderate pressure and overlapping, circular motions. Remove excess with a Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber or 100% cotton terry towel. Turn to a clean portion of the towel for the final wipe and brilliant results.

For use with DA Polisher/Orbital Dispense a small amount onto a clean buffing pad. Buff one section at a time using overlapping passes. Re-apply as needed to remove stubborn defects. Wipe dry with Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber or 100% cotton terry towel. Turn to a clean section for final wipe and a show car finish.

For brilliant, high gloss protection, follow with Meguiar's Ultimate Wax.

PRO TIP: Divide a panel to be treated with low-tack painter's tape, and treat one half with Ultimate Compound. Remove the tape and notice the striking before/after improvement at the tape line. Then finish treating the panel with Ultimate Compound before applying a Meguiar's quality wax to protect the surface.

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