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Affiliate Program Guide

You signed up for the affiliate program and the first thing you are probably wondering is, how much money (or credit) can I really make off of this program? There are no caps on what you can make. What can you really expect? It all depends on how much you are willing to put back into this program. This guide is going to map out ideas and methods to really capitalize on making as much money as possible with the level of effort you are comfortable with.

Automotive Forums

Forum Signatures

Many of our customers are familiar with automotive related forums. There are thousands of automotive forums on the web, so this is a great avenue to reach automotive enthusiasts, your target market. If you are an active poster on a forum, the easiest thing you can do is add an affiliate link to your forum signature. If you have a lot of posts built up, say 300, you instantly just made 300 links with your affiliate ID code. The more you talk, the more links you have out there for other viewers to click on. Try using a creative approach with your signature instead of just listing www.DetailedImage.com, something like "Glossy shine from DetailedImage.com" (hyper linked), is a bit more effective. Make sure having a commercial signature does not violate any of the forum or site rules.

Forum Profiles

Another very simple one. Most forums have a spot for you to list a webpage or homepage in your member profile. Here's a good spot to throw in an affiliate link for added exposure.

Automotive Websites or Blogs

Do you own or manage an automotive website? Using banners or text based links is an easy way to generate some income. We've found that text based links with some content behind the links works best. Banners typically do not have as high of a click-through-rate and do not convert as high. The more traffic you have going to your site, the better the chance of landing a sale. Product reviews on your website are great ways to generate quality affiliate leads.

Auto Related Newsletters

Do you have an email list of automotive enthusiasts? Consider featuring a product or detailing related article to get some well qualified affiliate links in the hands of car enthusiasts.

Professional Detailers

Professional detailers probably have the highest potential to earn affiliate money. Many automotive enthusiasts respect and trust the advice of professionals. We hope you will recommend us to those who ask you questions and those visiting your website. If you have your own website promoting your detailing services, there are a few things you can do to land some affiliate sales.

You can create a page on your website that explains what differentiates yourself from the competition. Here's your chance to show your readers that you have more knowledge than the detailer down the street. Explain different detailing processes and techniques and also list some of the high quality products you use. When they see you are investing more in to top quality products it gives your work more credibility and helps justify the higher price work. By adding your process and recommendations to your website, you are also building more content for your site, which will ultimately drive more traffic to your site. The more traffic to your site, the more calls you will get for details. Additionally you can make a page of recommended maintenance products. Often times a simple washing and drying kit with a spray on wax is what a customer wants to maintain the shine. It can also help ensure the next time you see this car it doesn't have tons of new swirls in it.

Shop for Friends and Family

An easy way to rack up some affiliate money is by ordering for friends and family members. Simply click on your own affiliate link and you will be credited for your sale at Detailed Image. Getting credit for your own purchases is an added bonus for anyone who participates in our affiliate program.

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