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Nasiol Glass Shield Wipe-On: Water Beading in Seconds


Let’s face it, applying a coating to your vehicles windshield can be a time consuming process. There are multiple steps involved and streaking can happen easily if excess is not removed thoroughly. With the Nasiol Glass Shield Wipe-On is here to change the game. This innovative product takes the hassle out of rain repellency, making it easier than ever to achieve clear vision.

Effortless Application is the Star

The absolute best feature of the Nasiol Glass Shield Wipe-On is, without a doubt, its ease of application. Gone are the days of fighting with a coating dropper and buffing for what feels like forever. The Nasiol Glass Shield Wipe-On comes in a convenient two wipe package.

Nasiol Glass Shield Wipe-On

To apply, simply clean your windshield thoroughly, then use the first wipe (1 Wipe) to remove oils and any residues left over from your shampoos or glass cleaners.

Nasiol Wipe 1 Clean

Once clean, you will be left with two packets (2 Glass-Shield Wipe-On). Use one packet for half of your windshield, applying in overlapping motions. You will notice slight streaking, but keep overlapping until these disappear. Once finished, grab the second wipe and finish up the second half of your windshield.

Nasiol Glass Shield Wipe-On Step 2

That’s it! In just a few minutes, you are ready to roll.

Nasiol Wipe On After Application

Superb Water Repellency

The Nasiol Glass Shield Wipe-On creates an invisible barrier on your windshield that makes rain bead up and roll right off. This translates to significantly improved visibility during rainy weather, keeping you safe and focused on the road. Below are two photos, the first is beading after a light rain the next day and the second, water pushing off the windshield at about 35 MPH.

Nasiol Wipe On Water Beading

Nasiol Wipe On at 40 MPH

Not Just for Rain

While the rain repellency is the main event, the Glass Shield Wipe-On also offers additional benefits. The coating helps to repel dirt and grime, making it easier to keep your windshield clean in between washes. It can even improve the effectiveness of your wiper blades by reducing chatter and streaking.

Long-Lasting Protection

One application of Nasiol Glass Shield Wipe-On is claimed to last for up to a year or 40,000 wiper blade cycles, whichever comes first. This makes it a great value, especially considering how easy it is to use.


Overall, the Nasiol Glass Shield Wipe-On is a game-changer for anyone who wants superior rain repellency without the hassle. The incredibly easy application process makes it a no brainer, and the long-lasting protection ensures you will be seeing clearly for months to come.

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