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Nasiol Twist Car Drying Towel: Surprisingly Thin, Surprisingly Great!


Nasiol Twist Car Drying Towel

I recently picked up a Nasiol Twist Car Drying Towel to add to my car washing arsenal. The Nasiol lineup consists of mostly coatings and coating adjacent products, so I was excited to give this towel a try as it is something a little different within the brand. Overall, I am really impressed with this towel! There were a few things that surprised me, though, and I wanted to share them below.

Super Absorbent Despite Being Thin

At first, I was a little surprised by how thin the Nasiol Twist Car Drying Towel is. Coming from bulkier drying towels that seem to be flooding the market, I wasn’t sure if it would have the absorbency I needed (or expected). However, I was pleasantly surprised! The Nasiol Twist Car Drying Towel soaked up water like a champ. It easily handled drying my entire vehicle without needing to be wrung out.

Nasiol Twist Car Drying Towel on the hood

Nasiol Twist Car Drying Towel Close up Nap Length

Scratch Free Shine

The soft, long pile microfiber did a fantastic job of gently gliding across the surface of my car. There were no streaks or scratches left behind, and the finish was crystal clear. Take a look at the photo below, which is a 50/50 shot after one swipe down the hood of my vehicle.

Nasiol Drying Towel After One Swipe

Thinness … a Benefit?

While the thinness initially surprised me, it actually turned out to be a bit of a benefit. The Twist Car Drying Towel was much easier to maneuver around tight spaces and curves on my car compared to some of my thicker towels. It also didn’t weigh as much as other towels and bunched up less.

Overall, a Great Drying Towel

Despite being a bit thinner than I expected, the Nasiol Twist Car Drying Towel is a fantastic drying towel. It is super absorbent, leaves a flawless finish, and is easy to use due to less weight during use. If you are looking for a high-quality drying towel that won’t break the bank, the Nasiol Twist Car Drying Towel is a great option!

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