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DI Packages Complete Detailing Kit Product Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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This kit is very well designed for the beginner detailer. I believe it needs more polishes and could use some buffing pads available for the specific machine of your choice. However all in all this was a great buy!
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
What I needed when I bought this kit:
I had zero equipment and supplies. I was truly starting from ground zero armed only with knowledge and very little experience. I read everything I could on this site and many others. With a solid knowledge foundation, this kit provided 95% of the products (high quality ones at that) that I would need for years of detailing. Yes, the up front expense was significant considering I am just a weekend warrior but the results you can achieve with just this kit alone are breath-taking.

Good stuff:
- The Flex buffer is incredible. I had never operated a buffer before and was up and running on a speed of 6 by my second pass. The learning curve with this buffer is very friendly. If you are any sort of detailing inclined, you can use this buffer and achieve fantastic results. LC orange pad and Menzerna SIP are RIDS worst nightmare on this machine. Just make sure to tape up anywhere that the backing plate might touch when working in tight spots. I took a little bit of paint off really quickly. The buffer will definitely let you when the pad is drying up. It can snap pretty hard on speed 6. Just have a firm grip and you'll be fine.
- The quantity and quality of the microfiber towels included is spot on. If you're looking to run a small business, you would probably need more. For managing anything less than 3-4 vehicles, there are plenty of towels. (I haven't washed the glass microfiber towels more than once so I can't comment on their durability [other post concerns on this])
- The blue grout sponge works very well. I cut mine in half and use one part for the lower sections of the vehicles and the other half strictly for wheels.
- The P21S Total Auto Wash is simply amazing! Even diluted at 6:1, it takes bugs right off. It works so well that when I use my grout sponge, it starts dingy and ends up looking like new after the rinse bucket. Fantastic product and very useful in this kit.
- Best clay bar I've ever used and it's huge. Needs something very slippery (I use ONR). Works well when lubricated properly.
- Interior products are top notch. I didn't need to buy anything except for a leather brush. Very comprehensive and effective on the interior products front.

Room for improvement (I can't call them bad though):
- I wished this kit would have included a glaze. For advanced results, I think a glaze is a necessary step. This is the biggest gripe I had.
- There were not additional sprayer bottles included. Second biggest gripe but easily fixed.
- The little product bottles were of little to no use for me. Some may use them to help product quantity control but I see them as unnecessary in this package.
- The P21S wheel gel doesn't go very far at all. I diluted mine to extend the life and control costs. It worked great even heavily diluted. I would recommend using it for the initial cleaning then use wash for maintenance.
- I had to buy buckets since they weren't included. Most people probably already have buckets so no ding here, just my .02

Items that I purchased in addition to the kit:
- ONR (I was skeptical at first but now I'm a believer)
- Additional buckets with grit guards
- Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss
- Chemical Guys Extreme EZ-Creme Glaze with Acrylic Shine II
- Blue painters tape, 2 different thicknesses
- 3 Sprayer bottles
- Polishing pal with blue 4" pads (works amazingly well)
- Good lights. I went with fluorescents and wished I would have gone with halogens

Icing on the cake items (definitely not required):
- 1Z Einszett Atomizer Spray Bottle
- Pressure washer ($149 electric from Sears, we'll see...)
- Autobright foam lance

Fantastic kit! When you look at what you get for the money, it's a really, really good deal as well. Shipping and customer service were perfect. I would recommend this to anyone in a similar situation. If you are looking to step into detailing, this kit should be a heavy contender.


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