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Griot's Garage Foaming Poly Gloss Product Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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I tried this product for the first time last week when I got back home from the Tail of the Dragon. It was a long trip and the car was pretty nasty from driving in about 6 hrs worth of rain, the remaining 4 hrs were dry.

I used my IK Foam 9 hand pump sprayer to apply this. I poured in 2 oz of the Griot's Poly Gloss and topped with 1.3 gallons of distilled water, time to try it out!

I first ore-treated the tires, wheels and plastic wheelwells and went away for a bit. When I came back down to the garage I couldn't believe it...the smell! I was about 100 feet away and all I could smell was strawberries! The product was still present and had broken down the grit pretty well, now it was time for pre-treatment. I sprayed the entire car down. Now because this product has a gloss enhancer in it it's not going to foam like the Griot's foaming surface persay but I was still impressed with the level of foam it DID produce! This is important for dwell time. Once it starts to run down you can literally see it bonding to your paint, time to rinse off. At this point the product REALLY shows itself because the beading is CRAZY!

At this point the car looked very clean but because of the road trip I decided to do a 2BM wash to ensure the car was completely clean. When the car has days of just dust on it I feel that all you need to do is foam the car down with Poly gloss, that's all you need for a clean and protection boost!

This product is another winner from a winning company...Griot's Garage!
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
When used after Surface wash this product is almost too good to be true, I love it and works great in my world also nice smell.

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