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HydroSilex Slick

HydroSilex Slick - 1000 ml
HydroSilex Slick - 1000 ml Alternative View
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Available Sizes

HydroSilex Slick
1000 ml

Product Information

  • Long lasting high gloss tire gel
  • Will protect against yellowing, browning, cracking, etc.
  • Thick, easy to apply formula with no sling!
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

The Hydrosilex Slick is a thick tire dressing that leaves a rich and glossy shine on your tires. Just apply one coating of this product and your tires will instantly have a deep, smooth luster and shine. With unique color matching technology, HydorSilex Slick darkens weathered tires, dries quick and does not sling. If you have extremely weathered tires or are simply looking for the ultimate gloss, two coats are recommended. Slick will help guard against UV rays and other pollutants that can cause your tires to yellow, brown, or even crack. Pick up a bottle of the Hydrosilex Slick today and protect your tires from the elements!

Recommended Use:
  • Clean the tire thoroughly
  • Apply Slick to an applicator. Wipe on evenly. Smooth down any streaks or drips
  • Allow to dry 30 mins before using the vehicle.
  • Allow 24 hours to dry before driving in rain.
  • For ultimate gloss and shine, apply 2 coats.

From The Label

Product Description

HydroSilex Slick is an innovative tire conditioning and shine product. Slick offers long lasting deep luster and smooth shine without the usual mess and sling. With a unique color matching technology, HydroSilex Slick darkens weathered tires to look brand new. Easy to apply, quick drying and non-sling.


Recommended Use:
Clean the tire thoroughly with HydroSilex Rewind or a high quality tire cleaner. Apply Slick to an applicator. Wipe on evenly. Smooth down any streaks or drips. Allow to dry 30 mins before using vehicle. Allow 24 hours to dry before driving in rain. For ultimate gloss and shine, apply 2 coats.

Do not apply to the tire in direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

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I just recently ordered and received this product from DI. I wanted to try this product out because it was brand new and have had a great experience with Hydrosilex Recharge, so as a direct result of THAT, I bought THIS!

After washing my car I dried the tires off and let them air dry first and then used my Sidekick dryer on them, then waited a bit longer. I then applied a single coat and was very pleased with the look, it wasn't glossy and wet or "used car lot" look but rather beautiful sheen. I waited about 15 minutes and added a 2nd coat, albeit a lighter coat and it only added a bit more shine, still very nice!

I can't comment yet about durability because I just applied it but looking at the forecast conditions are favorable for a durability test, plus I'm about to go on a 600 mile drive down to the Tail of the Dragon, yet more testing. Once I get some info I will report back.


This product really held up on my trip, 1500 miles there and back and in between. After a wash there, driving back in 7 hrs of rain and a wash when I got home had NO BROWNING of my tires! The finish looked like a new tire, not like it was just applied of course but like I said, NO BROWNING.

It's good this product comes in such a large bottle because you can build up a great base by applying a very light coat every other week or wash or more if you'd like because it applies so easily and leaves the tires with deep, rich sheen...perfect. The large bottle allows you to share the goodness which is what I did as well

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