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Poorboy's World Black Hole - 16 oz

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Poorboy's World Black Hole - 16 oz
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Poorboy's World Black Hole
16 oz

Product Information

  • Enhance the depth and gloss of darker colored vehicles with ease
  • Best used after polishing and before applying your layer of sealant or wax
  • Easily applied by hand or machine and removes effortlessly
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Customer Reviews

92% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 13 ratings

Product Description

The Poorboy's World Black Hole is a show car glaze that adds loads of gloss noticeable from near and far. When you apply the formula it will first help clean the surface by removing light build ups that make the paint look old and faded. By removing imperfections your paint looks more vibrant instantly. Simultaneously it leaves behind a coating of glaze that adds a ridiculous level of gloss to the paint that really makes you fall back in love with your paint. This formula can be used on any color but it was specifically designed to help highlight darker colored paints and really make them overly glossy and "wet" looking. It can be applied by hand or with a buffer and you'll love the results! Best of all it's very easy to apply and remove so you get awesome results with ease. If you are constantly wondering why you can't get your paint to look exceptional use the Poorboy's World Black Hole and stop wondering!

From The Label

Product Description

Poorboy's Black Hole
Black Hole is an easy on, easy off dark color paint glaze that cleans and fills swirl marks to leave a brilliant glossy, and slick show car shine. Black Hole is designed for detailers, enthusiasts or people with new or well maintained cars looking for an easy way to hide light swirls and the normal wear and tear of every day driving and maintenance of their vehicles. Black Hole can be applied by hand or machine with relatively little to no effort. Black Hole can be applied as often as needed to create a super slick and shiny surface. For vehicles with deep scratches or heavy oxidation, we recommend our SSR line (Super Swirl Removers) prior to using Black Hole. Black Hole can also be topped with either Waxes or Sealants for a deeper, wetter and longer lasting shine.


DIRECTIONS: SHAKE BOTTLE WELL Methods of application:

  1. By Hand: In the SUN or SHADE, pour a small amount on to a cool surface or foam applicator. Spread and work into one small section at a time until you see a shine begin to appear. Let Black Hole haze and then use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to, buff out to a brilliant glossy shine.
  2. By orbital professional buffers: Apply to a dry foam pad and prime the pad with a small amount of product. Apply a small circle around the pad and spread at a low speed until the area has been coated. Continue until a shine begins to appear. Allow Black Hole to haze and then buff.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
I used this on my wife's silver Infiniti and it gave it a nice deep gloss and really made it pop. I've always just grabbed stuff off the shelf at auto part stores and I wish I would've invested in better products like this a long time ago. It's worth it just in time saved let alone the end result.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Absolutely awesome on black vehicles. I've used it on other dark colors as well with great results. Works well on light colors, but not as much depth. My personal favorite, and will continue to buy it. Goes on and comes off with minimal effort.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Applied to a dark gray (Granite Crystal) Chrysler 300. Ultra-easy to put on with a random orbital polisher, and just as easy to buff off with a MF towel. I was afraid it might mute the metallic bits in the paint but it did not. Topped it off with wax, and my car looks New.

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