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27 comments on Brinkmann Dual Xenon: DIY Battery Replacement

  1. Jeff says:

    Nice but finding bulbs is a big problem since it was no longer made

  2. Don says:

    Any battery model # info?

  3. J. says:

    The difficult issue lies with the bulbs. One went out in mine a while back and I’ve looked everywhere I can think of – both locally and on the internet – but can’t find a replacement bulb. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • I’ll see if I can get any information from Brinkmann

      • It appears the Brinkmann Corporation filed for bankruptcy in October of last year… my attempts at reaching their customer service listed on their website were not successful (website error). There is still an owners manual available which walks you through bulb removal. I would simply start by removing the bulb to see if it had any markings on it which could point you to the specs needed for a suitable replacement.

        • J. says:

          Thanks so much for trying! Yeah, I removed the bulb and took it with me to every place I could think of…Lowe’s, Home Depot, various mom and pop lighting stores, RadioShack, etc. However, no one had that bulb or knew where it could be obtained.

  4. Xabo says:

    Glad I saw this. Was going to trash my Brinkman LED. Went to Battery Plus today and found replacement battery and it’s working like new. Original battery was KT625, 6V 2A. Replaced with:

    Item Number: SLAA6-2ST
    Brand: Duracell Ultra
    Voltage: 6
    Lead Acid Type: General Purpose
    Capacity: 2AH
    Chemistry: Lead Acid
    Lead Acid Design: AGM
    Product Category: Sealed Lead Acid
    Terminal Type: ST, Side Tabs
    Weight: 0.6 lbs

  5. Dave says:

    Thanks for the write up. I have mine apart currently but haven’t made it to the battery shop to pick up a replacement. They said it was $20 at Batteries Plus. WAXOFF

  6. Josh Hanzalik says:

    For everyone looking for bulbs, they can be purchased through Snap-On. I will provide the part number on Tuesday when our local truck comes by.

  7. Josh Hanzalik says:

    Just spoke with Snap On, and the bulbs are soon to be discontinued. Unfortunately he was unable to provide a date of when that will take place, but as of today the bulbs are still available. Part number for them is, EFCDUX1.

  8. Remy says:

    Do you know the price Snap On is charging for the bulb?

  9. Dave Luongo says:

    Thanks for this article. I got my battery and got the light working again Batteries Plus Bulbs had it.

  10. Dave Luongo says:

    I asked the Snap on guy and he can’t find that # in his computer

  11. John Wilson says:


    What do you utilize now since it’s been discontinued?


    • Hi John – this article was written to help owners of the Brinkmann Dual Xenon light to repair their tool since purchasing a new one is no longer an option.

      In addition to the brinkmann, we use a variety of hand held LED Flashlights for inspection.

  12. DON BECKER says:

    DON B

  13. Donna Sturla says:

    I can’t turn the five screws that are on the outside, they are very tight. I’m afraid I’m going to strip them. Any suggestions?

  14. Donna Sturla says:

    Thank you thank you !! I could not remove the screws but Batteries Plus did it for me and did all the work, replaced the battery and only charged me $20.
    I replaced the lens, reflector and cover and now it’s perfect ! Thank you !
    Donna Sturla

  15. Alex says:

    First, THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this DIY. My Brinkmann would not charge. I was getting ready to throw it away and buy a new swirl finder light but something told me to Google “battery replacement” for this light. Thank you to everyone who suggested to go to Battery Plus for the replacement. I looked up the model the Brinkmann comes with on Battery Plus’ website and it came back with a compatible Duracell one. The Duracell model is SLAA6-2ST or search KT625 which is the original battery. They usually have a 10% off coupon code for ordering online and picking up in the store. My light works again…and I’m so thrilled because this is an excellent light for examining defects on paint. Thanks again!

  16. Laertes says:

    Dear Zach, Xabo and the other participants,

    Thanks so much for providing just the info I need for my Brinkmann Dual Xenon. This is the way I remember the Internet of years ago working: people being so generous with their time and what they know. Today, the internet is, IMO, declining as a source of this kind of cooperation and giving.

    Thanks for helping to renew my faith in the medium.


  17. GLCIII says:


    Thought I would let anyone interested know that I just fixed a dead MaxFire! I purchased the battery from Batteries Plus, it has DURA6-2ST, written on it…but it is also known as SLAA6-2ST.

    For the bulbs, I purchased 2 Maglite 6 Cell xenon bulb replacements, Model LMXA601L.

    Thanks Zach for steering me in the right direction!

  18. Bee says:

    Anyone out there have an idea what plugin charger # or mah’s needed for this this duel xenon Light By brinkmann ? …Mines got lost moveing around over the yrs ….

  19. Roosevelt says:

    THANKS SO MUCH!!! I pulled out my Brinkman Dual Xenon after years of slumber only to find it would not take a charge. I didn’t realize it contained a SLA battery!!! Anyway, I couldn’t get mine apart, but your tutorial saved me! My gun is shining bright once again and I’m ready to seek out & destroy some swirls!!!

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