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Customer Testimonials

Have you had a great shopping experience with us? We'd love to hear from you. Contact us with your testimonial.

I would like to thank Detailed Image for their support of SweetCars detailing. It's been great to have you guys as a supplier of great quality products to help us in providing the very best for our clients. We're proud of having been chosen by Dupont Registry to join some of DI's famed blog writers and detailers to become part of the top 20 detailers in North America. Thanks! We couldn't of done it without your support!! Thanks to everyone at Detailed Image.

- Mike Cardenas, Master Detailer - SweetCars

I want to take a minute to thank Detailed Image for their support of Deep Blue Detailing. I have purchased supplies from other "major sites" in the past and all I have ever received is a generic reply e-mail "thanking me for my business." When I first came across DI I only placed a couple of orders before Reece reached out to me to invite me to join DI's wholesale program. I am a small sole-proprietorship and have only been in business for less than two years. I have inquired about wholesale with other companies but have always either been given the run around or told I have to have a large initial purchase and subsequent "minimum purchases." The way DI has their wholesale program set up is ideal for a small business like mine-no minimum orders-just a yearly purchase minimum. It has really given me flexibility and I don't have to sit on excess inventory for long periods of time! Customer support is outstanding and I have even inquired about adding products to DI's portfolio and they said they would absolutely do that for me if needed. A+ organization and glad to be doing business with them!

- Jeff Morey, Owner - Deep Blue Detailing

The folks at Detailed Image continually impress me on every front! Not only are their prices very fair, their service must be the best in the business. I operate a medium-volume detail service in California and gladly order from DI even though they ship from the other side of the country. An easy-to-navigate website with gobs of product, smooth purchasing process and stellar turnaround time on shipping make it easy to try something new or orders tons of what we need. On occasion, there have been backordered or shipments damaged in transit and they continually find a way to deliver the product my company needs to operate just as quickly as the original order. It's great to have Detailed Image as a partner in the industry.

- Andrew Evans, Technician and Owner - AFICIONAUTO

Matt Jackson's Auto Detailing uses Detailed Image because of their top notch customer service, abundance of information and sales through their newsletters, and quick and reliable shipping times in the New England area. This company is a one stop shop and [we] will be a customer for life! Thank you for being great!

Inception Automotive Detailing Testimonial

When you get good service it's worth mentioning. Placed my order on 8/6/15 7:30 am and being a first time buyer I revived free shipping. It was at my door 8/8/15 9:58 am, I think I spent more time on the internet looking for these products! If you want to keep your car looking good these guys can show you how!

- Kevin B.

Your organization has a excellent system in place to support the customer's orders. In about 2 hours, DI processed my order and had it waiting on FEDEX. I'm a quality assurance engineer for one of the largest Aircraft manufacturer in the world, and wish all our suppliers were this supportive. It's a pleasure to work with Detailed Image.

- Rick M.

Detailed image is the best place to get your products from. Don't waste your time dealing with the other guys or amazon. I've been there and done that and somehow a couple guys from New York are able to out preform amazon on shipping speed and customer service. I run a shop and two mobile detail units and I've decided to only buy from DI. They ship fast, answer any emails right away and take care of you! I had a few technical problems with PayPal and they were able to resolve the issue on a Sunday night! It is definitely worth buying from these guys. They have passion with detailing and helping fellow detailers.

- Paul F.

The products I'm able to get from DI are always in stock and what I use for my detailing services. Great to have a one stop shop for sure. I would say 95-97% of what I use DI has available. If you want a great company, fantastic customer service, and just simply people who actually care about you as a valued customer speaks volumes. It's very hard or should I say even rare to find that in a company. You guys are the best and I will always shop from you. You've proven a couple times to me how awesome you are when I've had a few minor issues with product. Quick responses, sometimes even after hours emails and more. You can't go wrong with Detailed image.

- Michael A.

Over all the years I have been working and this goes back to the mid-2000's, and purchasing exclusively from Detailed Image, it has always been a great experience and pleasure to work with you guys all the way over there on the East Coast! I have seen a lot of things and companies come and go, and am so glad that Detailed Image stands tall and unwavering in the unending amount of product being thrown out there every year in our faces...You guys are one of the few that I can easily count on half my hand that are still there, doing the right thing the first time, every day...Thank you so much!!!

- Dan F.

Seriously though, you guys are the absolute best detail supply company to work with. Great website layout, huge selection of products, great prices on most items (sales sweeten the deal more), customer service is above and beyond, and fast shipping, even when using standard ground shipping it's sometimes 2 days. I think the longest I've waited for something to arrive from you guys is 4 days. Thank you guys for running an awesome business.

- Ryan B.

Just want to mention that Reece at DI went above and beyond in the customer service department! Tomorrow will be a week from the due date of my delivery. I was emailed by Reece today saying that they noticed the package hasn't been delivered, and to confirm with them! I had just figured that it was lost, and that it will show up sooner or later. In my opinion, this was between the carrier and myself. Nope, DI steps in and get it done! I've never experienced such diligence and care. A sincere thanks to Reece, and the crew at DI!

- Dan C.

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate you guys. I have my own small business (residential remodeling--not detailing!) and am very focused on customer service. You do an excellent job and I've been impressed with your company which is why I continue buying more than I need! I recommend you whenever my customers are car guys. It is nice having a company you can confidently recommend and continue to do business with. Keep up the good work and I'll keep as many orders coming your way as my wife allows!

- Caleb M.

When I first placed my order it had an estimated shipping date of 4/7 however, the pads were backordered an additional week to 4/14, and then again pushed back to 4/15. I sent an email the DI team to see when the actual shipping date would be and after just 2 emails they managed to get the pads sooner for me and they even upgraded my shipping! Class act. Thanks DI!

- Kyle R.

Let me start by saying thank you as well as how impressed I am! When I sent the email, I did not expect a response nor any action to be taken. Wow, was I wrong! I now understand why your company was highly recommended. You've definitely have me as a long term customer as well as my own recommendation to anyone looking for quality detailing products and most importantly, quality customer service! Thank you very much again and have a great evening. You're greatly appreciated.

- Keith W.

Detailed Image is the BEST place to shop online!! I have never had a problem with them. Best customer service anywhere. I recently ordered something and wanted to change some of the products in the order last min. And they didnt even ask questions or hesitate to help me out! AND the order ships fast!!! Ive never ordered anything online and got it in so quickly. I will do all of my online detailing shopping here from now on. AND NO, im not getting paid to say this...this is all real. Im happy with the service! You have to use DI. Dont waste your time anywhere else!!!

- Paul F.

Oh my, thank you so much for your response. I've always favored Detailed Image for the products and the informative dialogue shared by the expert detailers. Man, you've taken the cake with this kind of customer service which to me is BIG. I was already impressed with the speed of delivery of your products. OUTSTANDING!!!!

- David H.

I just wanted to say that I sincerely appreciate what you guys are doing and hope that you keep doing so for a long time to come. I wish everyone could put half as much effort and passion in to their work as you all do. Between the actual detailing, blogging, the website, product stock and reviews as well as all the incredibly informative posts on just about every car forum I've lurked in...I know you all are busy but I wanted to make sure that you know your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

- Somjade S.

I run several eCommerce businesses, so I know first hand what top-notch service is. And if I may say, your service was top-notch. Super fast shipping, immediate communication for a backordered item which gave me enough time to reply and still get my order before the weekend, an email update that my order was able to be shipped complete, everything packed well, accurate, very detailed info on website to help me find the right products. I will strive to provide such great service as you do.

- Oren B.

I would like to point out that anytime I order things from you guys, you are always very quick to make sure I am happy and taken care. That is professionalism at its best. I absolutely love doing business with you guys. You have more then earned my business & recommendation to others as well. Keep up the GREAT WORK.

- Kevin H.

Just wanted to thank you for your great customer service, sales, and quality of products offered. You guys are very accommodating and that is something that seems to be disappearing in the country. I'm glad I found out about you guys and I will not only continue to be a customer but have recommended your company to friends. Again, thank you for the sale. It allowed me to stock up on much needed products. Hope you have a prosperous year!

- Steve K.

Hi Detail Image- Just wanted to say I have ordered from you people many times and always amazed on your speedy service; but, this last order was the best! Ordered at 11:17am EST on 12/26. I got the order at 9:09am EST on 12/27 from Fedex. Do you people already have Drones?

- Mike B.

I'm extremely happy with your discounts. This company has exceeded my expectations, beat the other competitors prices by a nice margin, and the customer service is courteous and prompt. As a business owner there is nothing more important than to establish good business relationships with other businesses. Keep up the awesome work guys.

- Carlos H.

Now that you all have Gtechniq there is truly no reason to go anywhere else. I'm an authorized installer for Gtechniq and use their products with every detail. You all just made my day and helped cutting my shipping costs. A big order will be placed tonight. Thanks for doing what you all do and look forward to continued business with you guys.

- Kenny R.

Your company has the best customer service and support out there, which is better than Amazon. I had to spend almost an hour chatting online with their customer service representative about the wrong product they shipped me on one order and a missing item on another order. Their resolution was not as good as yours. You have gained a loyal customer from me and I will keep ordering more from your store. I am learning detailing now on my own vehicles and might turn it into a hobby business when I get better!

- Bill C.

Just wanted to let you know that you guys are doing a great job. I've ordered from another detail products website but DI is the best. In fact, my last 2 orders and all future orders will be with DI. I think the prices are fair, I love that you always offer something extra with coupon codes and shipping is fast (I'm in NJ). Also, the ask a pro blog is top notch. I appreciate all the writers on there for sharing their knowledge. I'm now constantly on this site learning about different products. Thanks!!

- Roberto R.

I just wanted to say thanks! I have been a customer for about a year or so and I have loved every product. Just detailed my wife's Black BMW 1 Series with 2 coats of CG Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish topped with a coat of Menzerna Color Lock Carnuba Wax (all by hand with a blue finishing pad). One word: INSANE! Can't wait to rate these products! Thanks!

- Mike C.

Thank you so much. I actually just placed another order with you guys last night before seeing your email. DI's customer service is 2nd to none and although I shop with you guys regularly, you made a lifetime customer out of me. I couldn't be happier purchasing from you guys and recommend several others to shop there as well.

- Chris M.

When I read the blogs on your site one word came to mind, meticulous. It's one thing to have a great information on your website. But would that actually carry over to the customer service you offer? I am so pleased to find out you are consistent, your service is also, meticulous!

- Mark C.

I just wanted to share some feedback, regarding the Detailed Image website. I've never really done any full detail work on a car myself, but am very interested in learning. I've been reading tons of articles on your website, and just wanted to say THANK YOU! It's great to have such a powerful resource at my fingertips, for getting advice about properly detailing a car. The contributors to the blog are fantastic detailers, and it seems almost criminal to get free advice from them. I will be purchasing my first random orbital soon, and will be tackling a full wash, clay bar, compound, and polish on my own car. I'm looking forward to getting at least similar results to what I've seen here, but I digress. Thank you VERY MUCH for hosting this website, and being such a great resource of knowledge and products. I honestly would not have known where to start, had I not found the information here. It always seems easy for people to complain, but when somebody (like yourselves) does something right, we rarely think to give positive feedback! That is what prompted me to write this. I wanted you all to know that I'm very thankful to have a website like this, and hope you continue to provide these great products and resources to the likes of us. I'm sure there are many more like me, they just may not take the time to write a response. Have a nice day, and again, thank you.

- Ryan V.

You guys are the best! I had all the same products in my Amazon cart and then decided to check around.....GLAD I DID~ Not only was shipping all the way to Iowa faster I ended up saving $60+ on shipping! Thanks guys!!!

- Adam J.

Thanks to all of you at Detailed Image! My order arrived this morning. You have an excellent communication system, and everyone involved uses it perfectly. I compliment all of you. I hope that whoever receives this will pass it along to your associates. It's a pleasure to do business with you.

- Richard F.

This is THE best company on the internet to order from for your detailing supplies. The customer service is the best I have ever experienced in any online retailer in any field. I had a slight issue and Reece was right on top of it and fixed it within 3 minutes....thats not an exaggeration! They are great and there prices are the best and shipping is the fastest. A+++++++

- Eric P.

Wow, that is about all I can say! I have always heard of customer service like this, but have never been on the receiving end. I am amazed at the attention I've received, very friendly, very quick to respond and even answering emails after hours. Amazing, that is all I can say. You have a forever customer in me! Thanks again and have a great weekend!

- Glenn D.

I just wanted to let you know why I selected your site over others to order products from. Your prices are competitive to others, add a 20% discount and you beat those that I've looked at hands-down. Also, your extensive tutorials regarding auto detailing, including buffer specific articles has been a tremendous help. I in-turn support your company as you have supported my learning needs on auto detailing. Thanks.

- Jim M.

I have to share with you. First and fore most thank you for treating so well and valuing me as you customer! Your awesome and it sure makes me feel better spending money with a person that values me as a person and customer. I look forward to continue to building our business relationship.

- Bill H.

Your detailed explanations and directions were excellently written and easy to follow. My 1st time efforts were greatly rewarded after reading and following your guidance; thank you. I will continue to recommend your products and website. Living by the ocean and driving the So Cal freeways wreak havoc with road grime, salt air and early morning smog (read acid rain). Your website and products have saved my truck! It now looks better than when I first bought it.

- James W.

My "little bride" is a school teacher, 4 more years to go until retirement and one of the things she really enjoys is a clean shinny car...SO you have had a direct hand in making her happy. She refers to her clean car as looking "Spiffy."

- Jim P.

Thanks. A little info, I run a detail business on the side out of my garage. The money goes to my kids college accounts. Your site has provided me with tons of info and great sales, support and your awesome emails have kept me tuned into special deals you may offer. Thanks for the superior service, products, and follow up. Way Better than the service I have had in the past from other sites. Thanks a million

- Jason P.

Just want to say thanks, I keep coming back because your website is informative to buy products from, and your shipping gets to me the next day. Thanks for great service and descriptive product write ups. I just finished hand applying Wet Diamond Paint Protection + Blackfire Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax on my Polar Silver 993, the car looks fantastic.

- Kevin L.

I recently place two orders with your company and I have to say I am more then happy with my purchases. Both times all products where at my door step the very next day! I have been self teaching myself to detail cars and have been having fun with it. Just today I used the products I ordered to detail a friends car and it came out looking better then new. When they asked what I used I mentioned your website to them and said they have some amazing products and great prices. Thank you for what you do I will be using your company for years to come and will make sure I pass the word along too!

- Alden L.

Thank you guys for such a quick processing and delivery of my order. I still can't believe this was done in 2 days, as I have bought many items over the internet and never had anything come this quickly. Your website is the best I have seen. Having the shipping information based on when order is placed on the upper part of the screen is revolutionary to me. As far as the products go the Brinkmann LED light works fantastic and was an excellent recommendation from your professional team forum. I was up to midnight last night using it with great results, the car hood finish is now perfect and I am very pleased. Hope to do business with you in the near future and very much enjoy reading/learning from the articles on your forum.

- Peter L.

DI is my FAVORITE site because you guys have the best prices (even without wholesale!) in comparison to other sites and your Detailing Guide and Ask a Pro Blog are so addicting. You provide so much information for at home detailers like me that I buy all your stuff! Thanks for the great customer service and I look forward to gaining wholesale status so I can continue to develop my passion for automotive detailing for my family's cars and also for my clients' cars!

- Amay G.

You guys have a great site and great customer service. You, Greg and Adam should be extremely proud of your business. Others companies should use Detailed Image as the model for their customers service practices.

- Brad W.

Thank you and for the T-shirt. I will wear it proudly. I've been in sales for 20 years, and that's whats seperates the companies and people that appreciate their customers from the rest of the pack. To me it's not the shirt, it's the choice to take care of a customer, you guys are winners and I'll be back and so will all my buddies I've referred to your site.

- Mark W.

You guys have fantastic selection, great prices & shipping to me is one day. What more could I ask for to feed my detailing addiction? My only regret is not knowing about you sooner! I will be buying from DI exclusively now. I believe a good company is built on service to their customers - good work guys.

- Dominic B.

Hello, first let me start off by saying how impressed I am with the DI customer service. Its very rare to see a company that truly cares for its customers. I have placed two orders with DI since aquiring my 2005 G35 a couple of months ago, and I have been equally as impressed with both the products and the customer service of DI. I am new to detailing, and your tutorials, blogs, and website has helped me out very much. Like I said, its rare to see a company that truly cares for its customers the way you guys do.

- Dennis L.

Customer service is what separates the good from the bad. I will make sure I pass nothing but positive words to everyone I know about your company and the service I received. And will have more orders to come.

- Thomas L.

There are a lot of people online, various forums and such, but the pros on DI are by far the best and most knowledgeable, and some of the best write ups I have come across. You guys rock. Keep up the good work!!!

- Duy N.

Your company has a great selection of products and continually upgrade and bring out the latest and greatest and have some of the finest detailers writing reviews which is a great help. They work these products everyday and know all the pluses and minuses of them and don't try and sugar coat any negative aspects. Your customer service is second to none, when I write a question I always have an answer within few hours and that is great, Thanks.

- Mike W.

Thank you for such quick shipping. I have made many orders and they are always on time. Working with other sellers have made me realize what a great organization you have going here! Customer for life! Can't wait to watch it grow and develop!

- Drew T.

I wanted to thank you again for all of your help when I was deciding what products would be right for me. I absolutely love the buffer! It's amazing! I polished my 1965 Porsche 356C and it looks better than it did when my dad bought it over 25 years ago. My BMW looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself as well!

- Tyler N.

I have been ordering through DI for several years and have not found another website that offers all of the things I need for my business. They have unparalleled customer service and I will continue to buy from them and recommend them to all of my friends, family, and clients.

- James W.

I want to do a shout-out to Greg and all the other guys at Detailed Image. First of all, all the products that I've bought from them have been simply outstanding! Truly top of the line stuff when it comes to car-care. Not only that, but when recently one of the products didn't live up to my expectations, (Notice I didn't say it was defective) they replied promptly and credited me the amount of the purchase. Thank you guys for your outstanding customer service! Your response to my dissatisfaction shows just how much you guys care about your customer. This is how to run a business!

- Russ M.

Just wanted to say thanks for being a great company. Been buying from you for a little over 2 years and have never been disappointed. It's nice to see a company that actually replies to emails, other companies could take a lesson.

- Brian E.

Thank you for the quick reply! When searching for a supplier of detailing supplies, you stood out as having great prices. Your excellent customer service will keep me coming back! Thank you again!

- Terry P.

Thanks for your support and guidance with product selection Detailed Image! Throughout the process of my business growth from start to finish you and the team at DI have been there to answer any question I had. Thanks for everything!

- Adonis Detail

Thank you again for the fast reply! You guys get A+ for customer service and I will be sure to talk you up on the Camaro5 forums. I've only ordered twice from DI (only got my Camaro 7 weeks ago) but DI has a customer for life.

- Felix K.

I discovered Detailed Image last winter while searching for a way to wash my car in the winter. That's when I stumbled upon ONR. I read all of the how-to articles and Ask a Pro blogs. As soon as it got warm I placed my order and got started on my first complete paint correction and I've been hooked ever since. DI took my level of detailing to heights I never imagined. My work is the result of your great site, top of the line products and great prices, and informative articles. And thanks to all the authors who take the time to contribute to the Ask a Pro blog as I know how much extra time it takes to document your work. Thanks again.

- Willie V.

I am not just ENJOYING the [Ask a Pro] Blog, I'm finding it to be one of the most helpful things in my life at the moment. I am recently divorced and also in the midst of changing careers. It's taken 49 years to discover and my passion, and for me that passion is detailing. Detailed Image, the Blog, and the Pros who write, have really helped me during this difficult time. I've bought a lot of stuff from you guys and have been impressed with your pricing and service. The website is amazing and easy to navigate and find what I'm looking for. The Blog and the Pros have taught me so much. I can't even imagine how long it would have taken me to acquire so much knowledge about the industry without your site! I have a long road ahead of me before I'm making a living as a professional detailer, but I feel like I'm much further ahead thanks to you guys. Keep up the good work.

- Kim S.

Thanks a ton for your help Greg. Your site is simply the best out there and I can't thank you enough for the articles you have posted and your activity on e90post.com. Your work is nothing short of mind blowing. I hope that your willingness to provide your own personal tips and tricks is helping your business thrive. Your prices, service and amount of information is far better than any other detailing site I have visited.

- Neil N.

DI is the best detailing supplier around, as far as I am concerned; I doubt I will ever buy from someone else again and I will refer all of my friends to them. Not only do they stock a ton of products, have incredible information, and respond promptly to questions, but I receive my products in two days. I just placed an order late Sunday night and I received it mid-day Tuesday. That is awesome! They're also from my home town, so I am happy to support a local business, even though I don't live anywhere near there anymore. Go DI!

- Scott R.

One of the best sites to buy detailing products on the net. Amazing info on all your products. You guys put every other site TO SHAME. I already referred 4 of my buddies to this site, the were amazed with the selection and prices. Just thought id share that with you! Have a great day :)

- Elizabeth C.

I can't tell you guys how satisfied and impressed I am with the quality of your company, customer service and website. Yesterday morning, I placed an order through the site for a few miscellaneous items (Surbuf Pads, CG EZ Glaze). Not only did I receive a coupon code for 10% off, but I was able to recieve $3 ground shipping. I thought this was phenomenal, so I pulled the trigger and ordered. After checking on my order status this morning, I realized there was a "Free All Purpose MF" deal as well, I wasn't concerned I thought I probably needed another coupon code and forgot about it. Today, literally less than 30 hours after I placed the order, It arrived at my door with the Free All Purpose MF included. I was in awe. Never have I had cheaper online shipping, and never have I received "ground shipping" the next day.Not to mention at a discounted price! I'm a loyal reader of the DI Ask A Pro blog, and absolutely adore the website. The articles are excellently written, the photos complement the blog posts perfectly, and the feedback from the pros just adds to the quality. Pricing is excellent, I check the daily special whenever I get the E-mail, and I'm always browsing the other specials and promotions too. This is something I don't usually do, but I felt my compulsion to do so was necessary and justified based on my unsurpassed level of satisfaction. Keep up the stellar work guys, you've got a customer for life here.

- Rob S.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my email. I got the package today, everything looks perfect. Thanks again for your help. Your customer service is exactly why I will continue to shop with you and the reason I have recommended you to all of my car friends! You guys are truly awesome!

- Dennis L.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great customer support and for getting out the replacement shipment so quickly. On close inspection of the box used for the first shipment, it certainly seems that there was some "nefarious remodeling" of the package and some items were stolen, probably while in the hands of the common carrier. Your replacement of the missing items with several free towels is very much appreciated. The value of a business is wholly dependent upon its reputation and yours is the best!

- David L.

I can't thank you enough for all you help, I always wanted to do a proper job of detailing but didn't know how. I trust all your suggestions. It is hard to find a good company - in any field - I am a mechanical engineer and my job has taught me just how hard it is to find one you can trust. I believe you have a really great company that I can buy quality products from at a fair price for many years to come (or at least until I get to old and lazy and have someone else detail my cars...lol). Thanks again.

- Brad P.

Thank you very much. I was directed to your site by a number of people who are amateur/professional detailers and I was very impressed with the selection of quality products, especially compared to a auto-parts store selection. I intend to purchase additional products in the future. Thanks again.

- Vince Q.

Thank you so much for the quick reply, I have been thoroughly impressed with the service and products I have received from DI. Prior to ordering I had read everyone's praise about your company over at Jeep Garage, and will make sure to recommend you guys to anyone I know looking for detailing supplies.

- Sam C.

I received from you some advice concerning a product I wasn't sure about and needed some opinion on before I made a purchase. As always, you were straightforward and kind, and helped me with good advice. Thanks, you are a person I have a lot of regard for in the detailing world.

- Joe C.

DI really is a class act, always a pleasure. Being in NJ/PA most of the time, I receive my products usually the next day:) It's always an issue for me finding supplies locally and/or waiting for my products and DI's prompt packaging and shipping always insures I get my products in a quick manner. The guys behind DI are EXTREMELY knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. You've got a lifetime customer here.

- Revant C.

I just want to say all of you guys are awesome! I only buy all of my detailing products from Detailed Image, and highly recommend you guys! I order one day, and the next day I receive all of my things at my doorstep first thing in the morning. AWESOME!

- Michael G.

Please stop having such a great website and high quality products. Detail Image is so fast with shipping and great products I am getting in trouble with the wife when a new package shows up every week.

- Paul L.

Love your web site. I always check it everyday!!! Great stuff and reviews , the best produts and reviews take guess work out of my purchases!!, I fell in love with detailing as a hobbie becusae of your web site!!!!

- Corey K.

I took time today to take a real good look at your site. I have been to other detailing sites and they have good info and selection of products. But I really like your site. The selection of products and comparisons are great, and I really think the detailing guide section is Great! The wide variety of subjects and the information included are a tremendous asset for even experienced detailers. I have been involved with paint perfection for a very long time and am still learning more every time I read articles here and put them to work. My show paint work has improved a lot since learning of some of these products and techniques. Keep up the good work.

- Mike W.

I order from you often and I live in Ohio. Communicating with Todd C. often enough to know what it takes to make a great detail happen. I own a late model BMW M3 and over the years of ordering from you and watching your website grow into such an amazing source of materials, both chemically and mentally, I am pleased and honored that my money was well spent in the efforts to bring such a gem of a business into life. I wish you the best in all your future endeavours and I can safely say I am a customer for life. Don't ever stop improving so all of us customers can keep striving harder!

- Aaron T.

I just wanted to say I recently placed a few orders ,and I am completely satisfied! I like the fact that I get my order in less then two days, and the products are priced reasonably well. It's great to find a retailer here in NY that sells the brands I like! Oh yeah the blue ultra plush microfiber towels are the first plush towels I found that dont lint like crazy! Keep up the great work!

- Jeff S.

Thank you soo much! This was my first time purchasing from DI and I must say, I'm extremely impressed with the concern that you show for your customers satisfaction. I will definitely be a repeat customer, and spread the word about DI!

- Corey S.

Wow!! Thank you so much! I appreciate that greatly, very glad I stumbled upon your guys website and made my purchases through you. That customer service was amazing, especially now a days I feel like you just get automated responses or generic replies saying, "sorry you messed up, there is nothing I can do"..but this is has definitely sold me on where I am going to be shopping for my supplies from now on! Thank you again for helping me and upgrading my shipping! :) Looking forward to doing more business with you guys!

- Kyle K.

The service from DI is second to none! Got my product quickly and was well informed along the way. Very impressed as I live in Hawaii and know the rigors of shipping. I ordered a product from a competitor and it took over 3 weeks to arrive. Detailed Image is now my store of choice! Great products, Great service, GREAT COMPANY!

- Michael M.

Your company over the past two years has been critical in aiding our company to success. Your well diverse products, high end selection, and wholesale program has been a great experience for us as we continue to grow and look to offer our customers the very best. Your company is unique, helpful, and always keeping up with the industry happenings and changes. I am a customer for life, and could not be any happier with all of my shopping experiences with you guys. Thank you!

- Sebastian G.

I just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you for all you're doing for the detailing community. Your product selection is vast but specific enough to carry the proper brands. Since finding your site last year, it has been the primary source for all my detailing products. Your support for small businesses through the affiliate program and wholesale accounts really makes this feel more like a partnership as we have a shared interested in supporting each other. I look forward to bringing all my business to your site. Thanks again.

- Larry B.

Just wanted to applaud you for your excellent customer service. I had an issue with an order (i.e., product missing). You folks did not question the issue like many online companies do. You simply took the information and replaced the product in a very timely manner. Thank you and you can be sure that all my car oriented friends hear about my excellent experience with Detailed Image.

- Scott I.

Have loved your products, fast shipping, and pro help since I starting purchasing from you three years ago! Thanks for backing it up with customer service that matches it! My brother has been purchasing from an online competitor, but I have been touting your products and company for quite a while. Low and behold, I finally got him to make a recent purchase from your company :) I will stop there, but I will say that I have no interest in buying from any other online supplier!

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I wanted to just say thank you so much for providing an amazing customer service experience. Every time I have contacted you guys, you've absolutely exceeded my request. I look forward to a long business relationship with you because of it. While I may shop prices elsewhere, I find myself always coming back here and finding you to be a fair deal and an incredible value. Keep on being this awesome, it is hard to find anymore.

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Your website ordering system is amazing. Fast and simple. Shipping always gets my orders out in a timely fashion. Sales support had handled any issues fast and went above and beyond. In this competitive environment you truly stand out above your competition. Keep up the good work.

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I just want to take a moment and give a big thank you to Detailed Image for EXCEPTIONAL customer service. I have using them for 2 years now for my business needs. And also special thank you for always be so helpful in answering any questions I have. 5 STARS.

- Matt B.

You folks were fantastic to deal with. I had been ordering from [a competitor] but they are a pain. It always takes two weeks to get and something is either missing or crushed every time. DI is now my go to and I will make sure to refer everyone over.

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Excellent pricing and specials, very rapid shipping, great experience buying a number of car care products recently. Will be the only vendor who I buy from moving forward. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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I just wanted to say that you guys are a great company and run it very well. The customer service is A+ and the clips you guys put out and your social media presence is awesome too. I’m definitely glad to rep you guys and still learn new tips and tricks that I didn’t know. So, thanks for doing what you do!

- Luis S.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at Detailed Image for all their help and support. You guys do a great job! I started using Detailed Image when I first opened my shop by randomly stumbling upon their website. It has been awesome ever since. The wholesale program is where it's at. I save a ton of money each year on all products and tools. Shipping is fast and easy. Any problems and returns are a breeze! Thank you again guys!

- Matt S.

Great place to do business, read reviews and enjoy how-to's. Love the frequent discounts and free shipping offers.

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I love your products. You're the only company I buy my car care products from.

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I appreciate the wholesale account/pricing and great shipping from you guys, definitely my favorite place to order from!!

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DI is the best, always a professional experience that continues to exceed my expectations!

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Way to go above and beyond, I'm sold on your company and won't shop elsewhere!!

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I can honestly say that I order 100% of my supplies from you guys. I love the customer service, the QUICK shipments. It's awesome keep up the great work

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Just wanted to let you know how impressed I constantly am with your company! Love this place. Fast service, and you carry everything awesome.

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You guys are the absolute best internet company that I deal with. Your service is excellent, shipping prices are very reasonable and the goods get here quickly!

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You go above and beyond for your customers and that is why I will be a loyal DI customer and let everyone know about you guys.

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Wow thank you for the extremely quick response. It's things like this that have made me a life long customer. Thanks again!

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Your great customer service is why I do business with you and not your competitors.

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Thank you for having the most straight forward and easy website to use. Fast shipping and great prices!

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Your customer support is top notch.I recommend your site to any of my friends that need car cleaning supplies.

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You're awesome people and awesome to buy from. You treat others as you would like to be treated!

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Quite frankly I'm amazed, and will definitely be a returning customer.

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Wow! Now that's customer service! As a new customer, I will be coming to you guys for all my detailing needs! Thanks for going above and beyond!

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Your products, demos and more importantly your staff, have helped me grow my business and provide a professionally detailed vehicle to my customers.

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People are saying your service is the best...they are right.

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FYI you have a customer for life after that quick response to my question. You can be sure I will spread the word to my detailing buddy's.

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Thank you so much for your un-matchable customer service. You guys are one of best at this and it's much appreciated.

- Nick D.

You guys are the best! Between the discounts, customer service, products you stock, fast processing, and quick shipping! Thanks!

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Detailed Image has been, is now, and will continue to be my go to source for the best detailing chemicals and tools available. I love this damn place.

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Great company and great customer service! Switched over to you guys about a month ago. Great experience! Will be using you guys exclusively from now on!

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The customer service experience I've had with Detailed Image has been excellent. I will certainly recommend you guys to friends and family!

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I get all my products through Detailed Image and appreciate the great customer service, the online detailing tips and help from all the detailing pros.

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I swear you guys are the most professional detailing store. Thank you so much for you help and I greatly appreciate it.

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I just wanna say thanks again for the constant speedy shipping and ability to resolve any issues, in this day and age customer service is key and you go above and beyond!

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Thanks for the awesome customer support. I will tell all my detail buddies about you guys!

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Thank you very much, I received my order in perfect shape and very fast. This is the best one stop shopping for all your auto detailing needs

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Thank you so much best customer service I have ever dealt with in a while, fast and easy! I highly recommend you to everyone I know!

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Thank you so much. You guys have been a great help and customer service has been second to none

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Thank you for all the help! You've been great and I really appreciate it. I love doing business with you guys! Detailing Image is the best.

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Thank you very much for your unending support! I am very happy with your after-sales service as well. I will continue to support DetailedImage

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I will continue to use Detailed Image for all my detailing needs! Easy to use site, competitive pricing and the quality customer service to back it! Thanks guys!

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You guys help me put forth a vehicle impression that matches my professional image. Thanks again!

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Thanks for your great customer service, excellent products, and overall very well run business

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You guys are amazing with the service and products. You have a life time buyer here.

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You guys are becoming my go-to for detailing supplies; really appreciate your quick attention, reasonable shipping policies and promptness.

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Y'all do a great job providing the best products, with the best pricing, and very fast shipping.

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Your packaging could not be better unless you replaced the peanuts with hundred dollar bills! Even taping the caps to avoid leakage was something I've not seen before.

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Thank you not only do you have a loyal customer but you can bet I will be recommending Detailed Image

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Thank you for responding so quickly, and the top notch service. I'll be sure to shop from your store again.

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All this on a holiday, now that is stellar customer support. Thank you very much.

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Top notch service from a great company. I always let my other detailer friends know about DI and the great products and customer service. Thanks.

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I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the fantastic service you always supply. My orders always arrive before I expect them.

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I just want to say "THANK YOU" to Detailed Image! I came across your website two years ago when I bought my Lexus, and I have been hooked ever since.

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I think pound for pound you guys are great, you return emails promptly and the two day shipping to Chicago is awesome.

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Your customer service is fantastic and will keep me coming back.

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I can't thank you enough for helping me out with my order and also for the top notch customer service you have provided me with

- Derick D.

Absolutely love the website you guys have put together!! The only problem I have is I get lost in the links to all the different products! My wife thinks I'm NUTS!!!

- John R.

Detailed Image has always been quick to ship with world class service.

- Tyler E.

Love the job you and your team are doing

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Thank you very much, I appreciate the top notch customer service and support!

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It's great to see there are still amazing companies who really put the customer first!!:)

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Detailed Image always take care of me! I will most certainly keep buying from you. Thanks again for the BEST customer support!

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Cannot THANK you enough. Awesome price, I ordered yesterday and arrived today! Instant Gratification. Thank you as always, love Detailed Image.

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As always customer support is on point! Thanks again!

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I have to say, I've been blown away with the customer service from you guys.

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We get all of our supplies from #detailedimage Best in the biz and amazing customer service!

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It's refreshing to see that "people out there" still care enough to trouble shoot and explain and help.

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Thanks for having awesome customer service, super fast shipping, keeping the best products in stock and having a easy to navigate website.

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It is wonderful to see that there are still some companies out there that care about and want to take care of their customers.

- Matt B.

It's excellent to see as a first time customer how much of a stand up company you guys are.

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You guys are always on top of things, ship things out VERY quickly, and stock a lot of quality products.

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Thank you so very much for your understanding, kindness, and non-stop professionalism. It's these qualities that keep customers coming back to DI

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I'm a loyal customer. Nobody can match what DI has to offer.

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Thanks so much for your help, and for knowing what customer service should be like!! Much appreciated.

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I thank you. One thing I can say is that I love your company and the customer service is outstanding.

- Scott C.

I just wanted to say thank you for the speed at which your company packs and ships my orders. It is greatly appreciated.

- Rick C.

I really appreciate you guys!! I get all of my high end stuff from you. Excellent customer service and great selection.

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You guys offer awesome products and more importantly the best technically and customer service support within the industry!

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Your customer support is by far the best. I've been in customer support for 10 years and I've not seen anything that compares to Detailed Image!

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Love dealing with you guys! Prices are better, shipping is way faster and cheaper, and you have a huge selection of all the good stuff!

- Rick L.

Ordered Thursday afternoon and already in my hands by Saturday morning. First time but most definitely not the last time I order from y'all.

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I placed my order on June 11th and received it on June 12th. Amazing service! Thank you.

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My experience doing business with Detailed Image so far has been great. I like the efficiency, service, and now the great customer support.

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I want to say that I am very happy with you guys and I will continue to order my supplies from you. Thanks again!

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I used many sites. By far DI is the best! Great blogs, guide and products. Best customer service and delivery. Keep up the good work!!

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I will keep on supporting you guys, amazing customer service and fast shipping! Thanks a lot!

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Awesome!!! I'm overly impressed with your customer service and I look forward to doing business with you well into the future!

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All orders from you have processed same day and arrived almost all next day. I am positively thrilled at your speed and accuracy and care in packing.

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Because of your fantastic customer service, your clean, easy to navigate website, and unbeatable selection of products, I will continue to be a loyal customer

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You guys have a great web-site, great products, and excellent prices

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The customer service is amazing and unmatched! Thanks again DI! I look forward to placing my next order with you!

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You carry top notch products with support that is above and beyond. Keep up the great work!! You guys rock!

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Huge thanks to Detailed Image! Not only are the prices incredible, the service is top notch.

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I got my order today. Thanks for having such an awesome company.

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Thank you again!! You guys are the best!!! I am going to tell all my friends about Detailed Image.

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You have the fastest turnaround I have ever seen. I placed my order around 9:00 a.m., and it was picked up by the postal service at 2:30. Simply amazing.

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I just got my order and, as always, flawless. I just wanted to thank you again for the years of amazing service, awesome products and even better pricing.

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I think DI has done a fantastic job on the website. I thoroughly enjoy the purchasing experience more than any other detailing website I go on.

- Michael S.

The folks at Detailed Image are really great to deal with and are very helpful and they sell some really awesome products

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That's for the excellent customer service! You are my go to shop for many reasons

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I love you guys. Between your customer service, how quickly you guys ship, etc NO ONE can touch you guys. I am a lifelong customer.

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You folks at Detailed Image are awesome. I love the products and the support.

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Happy New Year!!!! Today, I became a business owner! With DI's support through the years, my detailing passion has grown into my occupation!

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Detailed Image, you have done it again. I barely placed my order a few days ago and boom they were here today. Wow, super fast.

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Really appreciate your professionalism. Happy to give you my business, with more to come I'm sure. Cheers :)

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You have earned a lifelong customer. I am very appreciative of your customer service.

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I am a new DI customer and am sure to be a customer in the future. Great prices, products and service. Thanks for helping to make detailing even easier.

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DI has the fastest shipping and best customer service I have ever experienced. Not to mention they do have the best prices around. I do all of my shopping with DI

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You guys are great. I love the fact that you have super fast shipping so I'm never stranded without a needed product. Customer for life here, thanks!

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Wow! I can't stress enough of how happy I am that I purchased these products from Detailed Image. You definitely have a long time customer.

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I really do appreciate your site. Best detailing resource around. I first learned of it on the G37 forums, and I have never been disappointed in anything I've purchased.

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I won't go anywhere else. Customer service is great. Products and prices are the best I have seen.

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Best customer support! And great products! Fast delivery! A+++++

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Good deals and shipping rates!

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Been ordering from you guys since the start, nothing but quick shipping and great customer service!

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You guys are the best! Keep it up

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Detailed image is the place to shop!

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Great one stop shop for products and advice.

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DI is my favorite detailing store!

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Great quality, fast shipping, and friendly help.... can't go wrong

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Great source of info and high end detailing supplies

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As always, quick excellent caring customer support! Why I always order from you guys!!! Thanks again!

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I only wish all of the online transactions I do on the net were as problem free as they are at Detailed Image. Great product selection, fast delivery, usually within 3 days.

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Thank you!! You guys have made it a pleasure to work with and have helped my business move forward so much easier I just want to say thank you.

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WOW!! You guys are freaking awesome ! I've heard amazing things about y'all's customer service and it's def true! THANKS!!

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Your products, site and blog rock by the way, I am definitely a lifetime customer now! Thanks!

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As usual, great (and super quick) customer service from Detailed Image...it's also the reason I've told many people to buy from you!

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Thank you Detailed Image for an amazing buying experience. I WILL be buying from you again!

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I am very thankful I found you guys for my auto detailing supplies! Your customer service and claims department is amazing and very quick to respond.

- Tyler E.

Too bad Detailed Image can't sell food, gas, clothes. Their customer service is perfect!!

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The customer service with DI is best in class, thanks!

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Detailed Image rocks!!! I love all the posts, customer reviews and all the products. I definitely will be buying more from you guys in near future.

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DI's customer service continues to be the absolute best that I have ever dealt with! Thank you for always answering my questions and offering tips and advice.

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You guys run a great site! Your customer service is the best I've dealt with so far, keep it up!

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You guys have outstanding customer service and I will continue to remain a faithful customer.

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You guys are the best in the business, if not any business.

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Thank you so much, I recognize that this is you going above and beyond, and I truly appreciate it all. Just another reason I keep coming back to DI!

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You guys have an unbelievable website and customer service! You can tell from what I spent I like your service. Expect future biz.

- Mat D.

Thank you for your help as well as thank you for offering the 1-3 shipping upgrade. That is an awesome deal and extremely helpful.

- Daren C.

Just wanted to say Detailed Image rocks! Customer service is fantastic - you've earned a life-long customer!

- Fred F.

Thanks again, I got the same great service when I bought my first round of supplies from you a year or so ago and its great to know it wasn't a one time thing.

- Tom W.

Good customer service is getting harder and harder to come by. You have not only gained my repeat business but also as many recommendations as I can give.

- Brian L.

I just wanted to thank you guys for the great customer service and fantastic prices. It is because you guys that I have become a great detailer.

- Deaon A.

During my last deployment I read through your blog and detailing guide extensively and once I got home, eagerly applied what I had learned. Thanks for being there!

- Todd C.

This is the first time I've needed assistance from DI's customer service and I must say its top of the line bar none!

- Benjamin D.

The selection and pricing you offer is better than I've seen elsewhere. Add in top notch customer service, it's a no-brainer where to purchase my detailing supplies

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The turn around time on processing my order and shipping out, while including detailing info along the way has been unprecedented! Great company, keep it up.

- Calen B.

You guys are tooooo much! You seem to go beyond what can be expected in "customer support" these days. Thanks for you attention to a small time customer

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Thanks so much! You guys are the only people who respond in a timely manner. I'll be back for more.

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I want to extend my utmost thanks to you for all of your assistance and advice.

- Richard F.

Thank you for the rapid positive response. I will be using your company again due to your great customer service. Not the norm nowadays.

- Gary J.

In this day when so much is done so half-assed, you guys really seem to be on the ball.

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I had heard about your awesome customer service, and now I'm a believer. Thank you again.

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Absolutely perfect. Thank you guys so much. Good customer service is just about a thing of the past nowadays. You guys have since renewed my faith.

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Thanks again for such wonderful service and wholesale programs. I rarely order from anyone else!

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Thank you very much. I truly love doing business with DI.

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I can't tell you how much I appreciate your team's customer service it is beyond amazing. Thank you very much for the support.

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Your customer service is phenomenal. Next time I need more products I will surely order from you again. Thank you so much!

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Your customer service is phenomenal, and it keeps me coming back to you guys again and again. Your selection, prices and service blow the other guys away.

- Mike C.

Your company was highly recommended on a couple car forums and after just placing a order with you I can see why. Great communication and customer service.

- Sean H.

Seriously, this is just one of the reasons that DI is THE BEST!!!!! Thank you so much for fixing my mistake and doing me a huge favor by adding the freebie.

- Anne D.

Your customer service is, bar none, the best of any internet business I've dealt with...and you can quote me on that.

- Jeff D.

I buy nearly everything from you guys. I really enjoy reading your blogs, very informative! Thank you for all you do.

- Clint A.

Thanks for everything, wonderful products, dedication to finding new and high quality products for your customers and overall passion for the automotive Industry.

- Troy K.

Awesome store, great prices and shipping was stupid fast. Appreciate it!

- James D.

I just wanted to say thanks again for the quick response and excellent customer service. Also the fast shipping. I love buying from Detailed Image!

- Steve B.

You guys always have outstanding customer service which is why I keep ordering from you.

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You guys have good products, reasonable prices, and are decent folks. I like to keep things simple, I have no need for any other site.

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Your support has been nothing short of first rate! Detailed Image just earned another lifelong customer.

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Thanks again for all your guidance, DI is a great site!

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You guys always have fast and efficient service, and that is why I order a lot of my supplies from you guys.

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I have purchased from DI for years and will continue to. I genuinely appreciate your customer support - you guys are the best!

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Outstanding customer service. Thank you very much for the courteous and helpful advice to all my concerns and questions.

- Ed O.

The reason I keep coming back is the excellent customer service!

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I order everything to keep my business going from you because I never have to call to follow up on my order, knowing that you will always get it shipped fast.

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Detailed Image is the top of any type of retail I have ever dealt with and you will continue to have my business in the future!

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I swear by all your products and even got some of my non-car friends to buy detailing products, they're amazed by the finish!!

- Colin T.

I love your products and service! Quick shipping, quality products and great prices. Thanks so much DI!

- Colin T.

Thank you...can't beat your customer service.

- Stanley H.

Great doing business with you and even better, I feel I have made a new friend that sincerely wants to help.

- James W.

I love your company and it has become my go to supply store. Keep up the great work!

- Scott M.

Thanks you guys are the best detail shop on the internet.

- Matt F.

I love you guys...I don't go anywhere else for car detailing stuff anymore!

- Bryan D.

I go to to Detailed Image about four times a week, your work is some of best in the country!

- Hector M.

Once again, you guys blow me away with your service. I'm ramping up for my next order...and you know where I'll be shopping!

- Bryan C.

As always, you are so helpful and accommodating! I cannot thank you enough!!!!

- Brad G.

I love your site, information and products. In the last 3 years I have learned how to detail and I owe it all to this site and the detailers who post on the Ask-a-Pro

- Brad H.

You guys run the best blog around on the subject of detailing. Keep up the great work!

- Vince C.

BTW your site is great. I looked all around the web for auto leather protectant info and your site was the best by far!

- Melissa E.

I sincerely appreciate the manner and swiftness of your updates. I will forever be a customer of Detailed Image!!

- Julie C.

I can't believe that it will ship out today and I might receive it tomorrow...that in itself is amazing.

- Pete L.

Wonderful customer service, great website, making my second purchase and I feel safe about it, Thank you very much.

- Michael Y.

Thank you for your genuine customer service. Something that is missing in today's business world...Your company is definitely my go to site!

- Tom S.

Though I don't buy a lot of car cleaning products per year, they will all be from your site based upon advise and the great products you carry.

- Greg P.

You did an amazing job when nobody else had Dodo Juice supernatural. The wax came two days ahead of schedule. I will be buying from you again.

- Steven G.

I admire your honesty and attention to details. Love your website!

- Matt H.

Thank you so much! DI really is my favorite detailer website! Thanks for the awesome products and even better deals!

- Amay G.

Excellent customer service! And thanks for taking the time to respond to me on a non-business day. I wish more vendors were like you.

- Rishi B.

The service from Detailed Image is as good as the products, EXCELLENT!

- Sean V.

Between the blogs and the service through person emails I couldn't be happier. I've learned so much thanks to Detailed Image!

- Chris P.

Man do I appreciate doing business with folks like you. Thanks!!!

- Ken M.

You and the staff over there have been so helpful and I only started to do business with you a month ago.

- Ken M.

Detailed Image is a darn good place to order from...Fast service and really helpful!

- Dustin N.

I love your store and now I get to rock the shirt too.

- Tim H.

Ordered new pads Sunday. To my surprise they were here Wednesday. Great customer service, fast shipping, and exactly what I ordered.

- David H.

Thanks so much for all your hard work and sacrifice that makes your Business the BEST!

- Dan F.

This is my third time ordering from you guys, and the service has always been top notch. I will definitely order from Detailed Image again!

- Andrew M.

I bought quite a lot of products from your site and I appreciate being able to personally talk to someone. Great customer service and I will continue to support.

- Richard C.

I find your website outstanding, your demonstrations and detailing supplies are the best!!! Thank you, Your Customer FOREVER

- Stevie D.

As always, excellent customer service! Thanks again Greg!

- Patrick P.

Thanks so much. Amazing service as usual.

- Andres Y.

Thanks, you guys are quickly becoming my favorite place to shop. You guys are close, and customer service is awesome.

- Ben Y.

Thank you for making it a pleasure to do business!

- Rob B.

There just aren't many customer service oriented companies out there these days, but DI is truly a pleasure to deal with.

- James H.

The level of customer service, sharing of knowledge, speed of delivery and of course top-shelf products are unparalleled!

- Jonathan H.

You guys rock!! Everyone comments on how shiny my cars are, the items in my order today are gifts to those closest to me. Thanks for the clean rides!

- Scott B.

It was nice to get answers from actual humanoids and not auto generated FAQ links in reply emails.

- Brad W.

Thank you for the fast reply. Your customer service and quick reply is the reason why I purchase my products from DI

- Qaise H

Thank you for great support and quick turnaround!

- Marius P.

Thanks so much. You guys are awesome! Fantastic customer service!!

- John U.

I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful your blog and website have been in learning how to properly maintain and restore my cars paint.

- Braydon T.

Incredible service. Put me down as a customer for life.

- Jake E.

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