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5 comments on Understanding Water Spots & How to Avoid Them

  1. Jonathan Vincent says:

    I maintain a healthy layer of Menzerna Power Lock as my defense. If the water does dry, chances are it will have to fight its way through the sealant. Menzerna, I love you…

    • Mr. Anton says:

      MENZERNA is almost as amazing as my EUROPEAN Fiance!

      I just left bird blessings on my driver’s front fender, as well as dried rain on my Nissan cube for 3 days in the Arizona Sun at an average of 85 degrees with ZERO SHADE-took a digital 1080 photo that was inches away-ZERO ETCHING thanks to Menzerna’s Power lock Sealant!

      My Scarlet Red Nissan Cube looks better than most new cars outta’ the showroom with 138,000 on the odometer, and I have the proof!

  2. David says:

    Calcium and Magnesium hard water deposits can be removed chemically using chelators such as EDTA and Citric acid (both food safe ingredients) and also oxalic acid. All of these very weak acids are used by carpet cleaners to remove brown spots and a taplespoon of any of them in a gallon of warm water, sprayed or flooded on the surface before mechanical polishing can help control mineral deposits. If the paint still has defects after removal of the contaminants, then mechanical correction is needed. To avoid forming water spots in the first place,always dry the surface with microfiber towels after a wash. Acid rain etching is deterioration of the paint surface and must be corrected by mechanical polishing steps. Note that demineralized water can still contain uncharged polysilicates and phosphates that can bind tenaciously to painted surfaces and bright work, so DI water rinses while reducing water spots, do not eliminate them completely. If your vehicle plays in an area with coal fired power plants or rail yard dusts, the water spots may be a combo of moisture and embedded particulates forming corrosives over time. Sealants to the rescue and frequent clay bar control of embeds can help maintain paint condition under these paint stress conditions.

  3. Santiago says:

    First of all I found this article really amazing, there is a lot of persons that can’t understand how the waterspots get to be such a problem. When I got a vehicle from the dealer I always have the same question, how can I keep the way it looks through the time. I live in florida and I just found a really good car care technology that let me speechless, the first value that I found amazing is that they don’t use water for it, the price was really affordable and the result in my car was amazing. I understood they are bringing this system from latinamerica. They did the clay bar cleaning plus a wax to my car.

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