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Product Review: RZ Mask M2 Mesh Reusable Dust/Pollution Mask



When detailing, you use can use a lot of harsh chemicals. From heavy-duty cleaners to the solvents in coatings, over time they can really do a  number on your lungs. But what can you do? You can use the doctor’s mask and only filter out a portion of the chemicals, or get a respirator mask and be uncomfortable.

What if I told you there was something that was comfortable, filtered out 99.9% of all particulates to a size of .1um and made you look like Subzero from Mortal Kombat? That’s where the RZ Mask M2 comes in, and it will make you pick up your mask much more often. I mean check out this absolutely real picture of me wearing it.


Now imagine your client walking out to see you detailing their car like that?? Client for life. Might even give you a tip.

The RZ mask is super comfortable, almost like wearing a ski mask. And it doesn’t get hot or chafe your skin, so you will want to wear it for longer. The filters are easily replaced and the whole unit is well priced. The size is very small, nothing protruding out the sides like respirator mask so you won’t have to worry about bumping into anything. There are multiple sizes available for the best fit with an easy to use guide to find your best size.

Anything to make you want to pick up and wear your mask is a plus, because those chemicals in your lungs, over time, can cause serious damage. The RZ mask feels like it was designed exactly for detailers with its lightweight, breathable design. Even if you just use it for when you are applying coatings, your body will thank you in 30 years.

Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
Instagram | YouTube

4 comments on Product Review: RZ Mask M2 Mesh Reusable Dust/Pollution Mask

  1. Justin says:

    My brother gave me a RZ M2.5 for Christmas last year. I’ve been wearing mine since they began requiring a face mask at work several months ago. Super comfortable and not technically CDC-compliant, but I get asked almost everyday where I got mine. The M2.5 has two smaller straps, one for over the head to help hold the mask up. I recently got 2 M2 masks and like the larger and wider strap and the velcro makes it WAY more convenient. I usually wear mine without filters because they were in short supply for a while, but recently began using the filters. Even out of shape and having asthma, it isn’t too bad for an entire 15 hour shift.

  2. Pedro Gonzalez says:

    Ok so I bought this to protect my self from cov 19, was it made for that or just to protect you from chemical fumes?

    • Jeff C says:


      They are not designed to protect yourself against viruses, though they are probably just as (or more) effective for that as many masks on the market. However they specifically are not at all effective in preventing virus transmission to others. These masks have a one-way exhalation valve that concentrates the air/droplets that you exhale. Since the primary function of mask mandates is to minimize spread to others, if you happen to not have symptoms but still be sick, this mask would be counterproductive.

      • RICHARD MANRIQUE says:

        The Covid virus is approx 0.125 microns in size.
        The RZ filters are rated at 99.9% effective down to 0.1 microns.
        So, even if these masks were not specifically designed to fight Covid the rating is WAY more effective than anything else on the market, including many of the N95 masks.
        But, yes they do not filter particles that you exhale, so if your are infected or asymtomatic then you will be transmitting your sickness into the air.
        However, if RZ comes up with a exhaust valve which will filter exhaled air, then this could potentially solve this problem.
        So, if you feel you are well, but want protection from a crowd then this may be the mask for you and it zero’s in on inhaled air.

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