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3 Products with Multiple Uses


In Todd’s article Learn something new – Don’t read the instructions!  Todd goes over the benefits of using products in different manners than intended by the manufacturer.

Here are three products I use for different purposes than they were originally intended for.  Although not made for this type of application, they work perfectly for the uses outlined below.

Let’s start with the DI 1″ Lambs Wool Premium Wheel Brush.  Brand new, not after using it on wheels, they are great for interior dusting and cleaning in tighter spaces.  I have also used them with Optimum Power Clean to lightly scrub off some dried on stains.

Di Lambs

With a little cleaner and a light scrubbing, tighter areas can be improved greatly, making them ready for a nice dressing.

DI Lambs Finish

In addition to the interior cleaning they can be turned over to make a great detailing stick. Just wrap the handle with a MF towel and you’re able to get into different areas that you weren’t able to before.

Di Stick Wrap1

Di Stick wrap2

The point is to think outside the box when using tools and products. They can often times come in very handy for other jobs.

Di Stick final

Next up are the DI Latex Gloves. These are great for keeping your hands clean during dirty jobs, but they are also amazing at removing lint or pet hair. Below is a convertible top that had some lint issues.


If you lightly rub the glove across the surface it will pull the lint creating small balls of lint that can then be removed from the surface easily. You can see how effective this method is on the convertible top. Just by removing the lint I greatly improved the look of the top.


Finally, we have Stoners Invisible Glass, which is amazing at giving streak free windows, but also used with #0000 steel wool works wonders on exhaust tips.  I have, just to show how effective this can be, let my own exhaust tips get completely black. To show how well and simple this process is, and decided to use the DI gloves for their intended purpose, keeping my hands clean.


Initially, I start with a light foaming with the Invisible Glass. I then polish the tips with #0000 wool.

You can see just how effective gently scrubbing with the steel wool and Invisible Glass can be.



I will then follow up by wiping down with a throw away MF towel. Usually they get too dirty to clean.  If needed, I will finish with Optimum Metal Polish to bring out an even better shine to the metal.



Gregory Gellas
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4 comments on 3 Products with Multiple Uses

  1. Cali Jimmy says:

    Awesome! You really know your stuff, Greg. Way to think outside the box and put in some great details! Can wait to try your tips on my next detail.

  2. Ray Scott says:

    Great tips. I just detailed a Porsche with a cloth convertible top and it was full of lint which took forever to remove with tape. Thanks.

  3. Mike Williamson says:

    Thanks for those great tips about cleaning and keeping clean the exhaust tips.

  4. Albert Perez says:

    Very good tips indeed, especially the windshield tip. nice work on the exhaust.
    Btw is that a s2000 you were working on?

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