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9 comments on Ask-A-Pro: Should I Use a Silicone Squeegee On My Car?

  1. Tim says:

    Great information, I had always wondered about those water blade things but never trusted them enough to give it a shot.

  2. This is a great question and a fully agree with Todd’s advice!

    I personally know of a couple people who said they were faithful users of the Water Blade for years. That is of course until the one day a tiny piece of debris finally found it’s way onto the paint and left a nice long scratch so deep in their finish that it could not be removed. 🙁

    Drying media such as the Water Blade or Chamois do not offer a way of pulling dirt particles away from the surface of the paint. Any debris that gets lodged between your paint and the water blade or chamois will simply get dragged across the surface like a piece of sand paper. MF towels however have a short nap than can help keep any stray dirt particles away form the surface and either prevent them from causing any damage or at least reduce the severity of any damage.

    I also find the use of drying aids like the Dodo Juice Time To Dry help immensely with the drying of your vehicle. Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer also works very well for this. 😉


    • Keith says:

      I used a blade for years until I picked up a piece of debri and left a 6 inch scratch down a quarter panel. Scratch was too deep to be completely removed. Lesson learned.

  3. Nathan Hoekzema says:

    Sorry to dig up an old article, but I am very interested in using compressed air or a blower to assist in drying. I have heard of/seen all sorts of blowers used but I have some concerns….
    1.) Compressed air – I worry about compressor oil being blown onto the surfaces? Is this just not a real issue?
    2.) Vacuum/blower combos – Do you ever get debris blown back at the car?
    3.) Pet dryers – Is heated air a concern? Can you dry-in water spots with the heated air?

    If you don’t mind, what specifically are you using?


    • Nate,

      If your compressor is fitted with the right accessories, you shouldn’t have any worries about oils or moisture coming out.

      Blowing light debris back on the car with a combo can be a concern for sure especially if they’re used a lot for vacuuming.

      Warm air/pet dryers…never given it much thought really. Personally, I probably wouldn’t opt for heated air

      I use compressed air myself…

  4. Alex Killips says:

    Unless your performing a proper wash and clay then second wash don’t use it. Try this instead. Get a bottle of SD and a nice air nozzle with a marless chamois such a wizards water bandit and a soft MF towel after the final rinse quickly but thorough mist over vehicle, wax will help dry and prevent spotting, then use air nozzle to spray out mirrors and heavy water buildup then spray SD on CLEAN bandit for added lubrication and pop hood and doorjams. Then MF towel and SD to leave a streakfree wash. 3 different drying stages and a perfect wash is KEY to basic vehicle maintenance.

  5. Malik says:

    I use a 3 bucket as well but I can’t find a car wash in Cleveland OH that does the same I don’t prefer to wash my own car in the winter do you know anyone in this city that does

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