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CarPro Fog Fight Review


foggy windshield

Fog on your interior windshield can be very frustrating. It can be from a few factors, the temperature, your date at the drive in movie theater, I mean the humidity, or even your plastic dashboard outgassing over time. It’s easy to clean, but you can’t always clean it when you need to, like while you are driving for example.


This is where CarPro Fog Fight comes in. You apply it to a clean interior window and it prevents the fog from building up in the first place. If they had this in the 80s then the movie “The Fog” would have been a whole lot shorter.

It is very easy to apply. Simply spray a little on an applicator pad, and wipe onto the glass and allow to cure. Usually takes about 10 mins if under 70 degrees F and about 1-3 mins if over 70. Then simply buff off with a microfiber towel making sure to not leave any streaks and use an extra towel if needed. If it is extremely humid at the time of application it is not going to cure very well and not adhere to the glass, I’m looking at you Florida. It lasts for about a month if left untouched. This is why it works best on interior windshield, since they are not normally touched if not dirty. But can work on all glass surfaces, even your bathroom mirror!

It is a very simple product, but does the job very well and is very well priced at only $7.99. The ease of application to last a whole month makes this a very good product to add to your arsenal. Stop the fog before it happens, so they can’t make another sequel, with CarPro Fog Fight.

Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
Instagram | YouTube

1 comment on CarPro Fog Fight Review

  1. Bruce Kolozy says:

    I’ve seen that rubbing tooth paste or shaving creme on the inside glass has the same effect.

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