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8 comments on Challenges Of Mobile Detailing vs. A Detail In Your Garage

  1. While I definitely prefer working out of my own space for the sake of convenience and comfort, one thing that I have always enjoyed about working at someone else’s home is that they are more inclined to interact with you and check on the car as you are working on it. Usually, they are excited as they get to watch the swirls, scratches, and defects disappear literally right before their eyes. Nice article Ivan!

  2. jeff says:

    i agree with you ivan but what about the cost of insurance mobile and working from home garage gas travel time

  3. John says:

    My problem with mobile detailing is that it sucks. Unless you have a nice van completely set up, it’s a big inconvenience to load up everything and head an hour down the road. If you forget something, you’re out of luck, because you can’t find what you need at a local wal-mart (usually).
    Also, you do not get paid for the hour it takes takes to get there OR for the gas. And then once you get there you have all the usual problems such as not enough light, no air conditioning in the garage, or they don’t even let you in the garage and tell you to not get the driveway dirty or wet. It’s a pain.

  4. Ivan Rajic says:

    Jeff, insurance for being mobile is not that much more than a fixed location, so I don’t think that plays a big factor. As for gas, you can claim it on your taxes (there’s an issued standard, which is around $0.50-55/mile but don’t quote me on that) or charge a fair fee for doing mobile work, so you don’t absorb those costs.

    John, agreed forgetting stuff sucks and I’ve done it a few times over the years, but once you get a setup with which you know you’ve packed everything (a checklist does wonders here) it gets very easy. As mentioned above, you should charge for mobile or claim it on taxes as a business expense, but I do understand some of the low light and temperature conditions one can encounter.

  5. Ray Scott says:

    I do very little mobile detailing unless it is necessary. One client has a warehouse full of cruising and show cars and I work on a few of those. However, he has sodium lighting, ac and heat and is not around when I work. Some garages are too small or have inadequate lighting. What I offer is free pick up and delivery. The customer does not have to leave their home or business and when I return the vehicle neighbors or co-workers are usually curious and that generates business. Plus I get to drive some cool cars.

  6. We have a shop but still offer onsite services. Working from the shop is always nice after years out and about. But we have clients all over the southeast and must travel out of state for quite a few jobs every year. Offering both can be nice for everyone if planned properly.

    Ivan, good piece for many to think about and I believe you touched the major pros/cons.

  7. Zaib Kurishy says:

    Though I do agree with what you have to say, I would add that with being mobile not only can one target a larger market, but also offer a much cheaper price than that of their competitors. Reason being is with having a shop one incurs much over head than being mobile, and with being mobile you are able to offer a service for a cheaper price and in-turn pass those savings down to your customers. The price is almost always a factor for most people.

    Zaib Kurishy

  8. dcommand says:

    I have both a shop and mobile unit. At this point I’m enjoying mobile detailing. I’m outside in a wonderful area of the country. I don’t need big bulky equipment that sucks up water and electric for the same results and time as say a mobile hot water extractor. I meet the owners and have a chance to interact creating a relationship. I meet their neighbors and get to hand out multiple business cards. Everyone sees how hard I work and how clean cut I am plus the stylish jeep.

    Thanks for the article.

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