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Audi A7 Paint Correction Detail & 22ple Paint Coating Application


Not having much time to take and edit photos, I wanted to just do a quick writeup on this A7 we did earlier this year.  We somehow lost all the before photos (happened before as well, I guess my cam doesn’t like the swirls!), but we have the important ones.  Needless to say, the car was fairly hammered being driven for about 2 years with no polishing work done, but at the same time it’s an Audi and the swirls weren’t too severe.  This is a car we actually polished and coated a few years back when it was brand new and he’s done as much as possible to keep it in great shape.

We only had to perform two stages of polishing, first with M105 and after with M205, using a Flex 3401. Meg’s Microfiber Cutting Dics were used with the M105 and White Lake Country pads were used with the M205.  After correction we applied the 22ple VX1 Pro Glass Coating to the paint and on the front end, where there is a paint protection film as well.  Here are some shots of the car outside and as you can see, it again looks better than new!

LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (1) LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (2) LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (3) LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (4) LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (5) LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (6) LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (7) LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (8)

We did a “wheels off” detail on the new and pricey HRE wheels.  They were protected with the 22ple VM1 Wheel Coating.

LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (9) LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (10)

One of my favorite shots from the set, showing how glossy and mirror-like the car looked after the job was done.

LUSTR.AudiA7PaintCorrection22PLE (11)

It’s now looking great and well protected for a couple years!  This client comes back every 1.5-2 years for a full correction, coating, wheel detailing and sometimes even to replace some protection film pieces if they take a beating or look worn.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again in a little while, but for now we’ll let him enjoy the shine!

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Ivan Rajic
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9 comments on Audi A7 Paint Correction Detail & 22ple Paint Coating Application

  1. Dave says:

    Did I read correctly that you put the 22ple over the paint film (like Xpel)? I assume there is a benefit to that?

    • Ivan Rajic says:

      That’s correct Dave. There’s definitely a benefit as the coating will not only add gloss to the film (to match the gloss of the paint more than film by itself) but also protect it really well from the elements and resist swirl marks. It’s highly recommended by all film manufacturers to protect the film on a regular basis with wax or sealant, so a paint coating such as 22ple is always a good idea for both its durability and protection.

      • Dave says:

        Thanks! Was very interested in that answer, since I’m getting a new Corvette with Xpel Ultimate on several panels.

      • Germaine says:

        How many pads did you have to use for the M105 and M205?

        • Ivan Rajic says:

          Definitely can’t remember at this point Germaine. Sometimes we clean pads while using them (spray with ONR and wipe with a microfiber towel while machine is on) so that uses less pads. There are cars where you use more compounding pads (harder paint) and only a few finishing, then vice versa for cars with sensitive paint. If I had to guess, for this car we probably used 8-10 pads for compounding with M105 and 4-5 finishing with M205.

  2. AYAZ says:

    Time for Xpel Ultimate self healing clear bra 🙂

  3. Adriano Perez says:

    Those wheels ruin the vehicles look!!!! The OEM wheels look considerably much better! Ouch! Other than that magnificent work Ivan!! Never a disappointment!! Your detailing work never ceases to amaze me!!

  4. I’ll agree with the wheel comment… awful choice for that car.

    As far as the detailing… well we know that is top notch. Nice work, Ivan 🙂

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