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Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly – March 2015


AAP Blog Post Of The Month!

New AAP Blog Author, Ian Howard of GlossAngeles, explains how to properly care for those pesky matte finishes! Also, do not forget to check out our introductory post for Ian by clicking here!


Detailing Industry News!

rzatch, a registered autopia.org user, gives his product review on the great Solution Finish Trim Restorer. Find out how he liked this product and do not forget to check out the review done by Zach McGovern on the AAP Blog.


Vega@Autopia details a Mercedes CLK350 using the Rupes Big Foot 15ES and the new Rupes UHS System. Check out the review by clicking here!


Interested in finally detailing that dirty engine bay? Take a look at this great short video by Eurocar Detail for some helpful hints and tips!

New Detailed Image Products!

Take a look at all of our new products by clicking here.

Detailed Image News!

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’re now offering USPS as a shipping option on all US orders, including Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories! Click here for complete information.


Photo of the Month!

Check out this great photo from Mike Schumaker of Driven Auto Detail. Below, in his own words, are the steps he took to correct this b-pillar!

The picture below is of a b-pillar on a 2015 Audi Q5 that I worked on over the weekend. I was fortunate enough to receive samples from Sonax themselves last week of their new CutMax & EX 06/04. I used CutMax on a green light cut pad (now replaced with the pink pads) with the GG 6″ polisher and then EX 06/04 on a black Meg’s new foam finishing disc on the GG 6″ polisher. Results were awesome, as shown, on the b-pillar of this Audi!

I also used both Sonax products on the rest of the Audi, which I plan to post about sometime this week on a few different forums. Both products are great, but CutMax was especially impressive. Cuts really well AND finishes amazingly well (LSP ready on the Audi). No dust and no terrible odor like some of the other compounds out there. Both products will be a staple in my arsenal going forward.


Automotive Industry News!

Should you or should you not warm up your car in the winter? You hear all of the crazy theories from either side, but what one is true? Find out in this article on jalopnik.com!


Is this the best interior money can buy? The interior of this Bentley is certainly exquisite, but as a detailer the hardwood, exotic leather hides, and super thick carpets could certainly cause some headaches! caranddriver.com


Check out this 21.3 foot Mercedes Pullman limousine! How much 22ple do you think you would need to coat this bad boy? popularmechanics.com


Thanks for reading and if you like this article check out the Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly February Edition!

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