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Field Test on Wife’s Car With Chemical Guys Jet Seal 109


A unique thing about professional detailers is we are “easy” for waxes and sealants – we’ll try out any of them for the right price! Well I picked up a gallon of Jet Seal 109, yes a gallon! The price was so out of this world I had to try it since the gallon was cheaper than 8oz of the stuff. Don’t ask how it got this deal, because I won’t tell, but there is a good reason to visit car shows on the last day, the vendors will deal like a there is no tomorrow!

Okay, back to the real reason for this short posting. I decided to put it on the wife’s car for the winter and do a 50/50 test on the hood. A 50/50 is where you have another product on the other half of the panel, in this case the hood. I applied it by hand with a foam applicator, and it was easy to get it thin. It is now march 2010, approx 6 months since I started the test.

The Jet Seal 109 is SUPER easy to apply, and even easier to remove. I allowed the Jet Seal 109 to cure on the paint for about 20 minutes, then forgot about it for another 15 minutes. Many waxes/sealants might turn to stone in this amount of time, my other test wax/sealant was harder to remove than usual but not bad. The Jet Seal 109 was so easy, I was amazed, no streaking, no heavy buffing, just wipe and flip the towel, move on. The directions said to apply a second coat for assurance of coverage, I never read directions, and surprised I did this time, but I applied only one coat. I figured lets see how this works for the lazy detailer on his wife’s car. Yes, I love my wife so forget that assumed thought you had!

Something this easy must have durability concerns, right? Well it’s 6 months of Utah winters, tons of calcium salts, sodium salts, and home-brew of grit all over the roads, and while the “perkyness” of the beading has diminished, it’s still beading and water runs off pretty easy to this day. I’m going to have to wait about 2 more months before I can polish the car for spring, but I’m betting it will still be protecting the paint.

I like the reflections, glow, ease of use and durability of Jet Seal 109. On some dark colors I’m a fan of other options, but this now has a place in the cupboard for clients in a hurry. I have also used it as a wheel sealant with much success too.

If you have used Jet Seal 109, post up your findings. I look forward to your questions and responses.

Greg Nichols Reflections Detailing
Greg Nichols
Reflections Detailing
Logan, Utah

13 comments on Field Test on Wife’s Car With Chemical Guys Jet Seal 109

  1. Dave says:

    I have used JS 109 a few times and agree it’s an excellent product leaving good protection with durability. I do have a few questions:

    1) How much product does a normal size car, e.g., BMW 3 series, require? I have been using about 2 oz. for the whole car but am wondering if I should be using less.

    2) I usually follow the label directions and apply 2 coats, but am wondering how much cure time is needed between coats. I believe the label states that only an hour or so is needed between coats (I don’t have the bottle in front of me). But most detailers are insistent that sealants in general need 8 hours or more to cure between coats. So the label directions are different from our usual assumptions, but no statement is made to indicate that JS differs from any other sealant in terms of cure time. I have done it both ways and frankly can’t tell much difference; am I missing something?

    3) I have also compared applying and buffing by PC versus hand application and believe the hand application actually looks a little better; do you agree? I thought the PC would be an advantage, at least in the buffing, but it does not seem to me that JS benefits from the PC in either application or buffing; the hand wipe-on/off is sufficient.

  2. Mike says:

    What others do you prefer for dark cars? I have JetSeal and have no complaints, but I bought Blackfire because I hear such good things about it. Is there another option I should look into?

  3. Greg Nichols says:


    You have two great products for dark cars. I have started to use Blackfire on red and black I love them both, for different reasons. I like 109 for the durability in the winters, and blackfire for the gloss you get from a sealant.

    Just remember the LSP is just the make up on the car, you need to polish for true effects! You can put lipstick on a pig and its still a pig!


  4. bikas gurung says:

    I have black G37 BO. I read a good review of jetseal and bought it :oP I like it’s ease of use and shine. I top it off with blackfire wax every month. What spray wax/polymer would you recommend after normal weekly wash to increase depth and gloss. I use ONR with OID for washing. Do you think blackfire deep gloss spray is worth its price? I mean will i see any noticeable difference instead of just using OID after wash?

  5. Greg Nichols says:


    I’ve never used Blackfire deep gloss spray. Have you made ONR into a detail spray yet? I like to use a 2oz to 32 oz ratio ONR/Distilled water. Works very well, adds a bit of protection too.

    The real difference is how well the paint is polished, my favorite QD is hopefully coming into stock with DI soon.


  6. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Gregg,

    Just wanted to check, I have a black car (Cruze 2.0), I am contesting between either replenishing the blackfire sealent stock or going in for Jet Seal. Also, I am wondering if I should go in for P21S concours wax as the last product or Pete’s 53. Wanted to know your thoughts on what goes better with what given a) its a black car, b) the climatic conditions (harsh summer – 40C, dust and road grime).


    • Greg Nichols says:


      Of the wax/sealants you mention I like blackfire for black cars, but the durability of jet seal is better. So… most things you have to decide which you really want more….durability or looks. P21s is very nice in the looks (more oils) but durability is short lived…..never worked with pets. I also have to give the edge to JS for releasing of dirt/grime with a pressure wash over the blackfire. From my understanding blackfire is an oil and water emulsion, thus its oils make the paint glow, but the emulsion allow for more durability…..thus the oils have a slight tendency to grip dirt.

      What is making you think about changing from blackfire to something else?


      • Vaibhav says:

        Hey Greg,

        Firstly accept my apologies, its been a grueling year at work, and thus had no time to come back on the website. Ended up buying jetseal as a sealent. You were right with BF the car was somehow retaining more particles which was evident when I used clay. For my own peace of mind i tried alternating Jetseal and BF and found more particles in clay with BF. The combination I am using now, and I am not professional – jst do my own car cause I love making ppl envious of my ride, are as follows – Claying (Meg or Mother’s), Meg Polish, Chemcial guys Creme Glaze, jetseal and then topping it with chemical guys 5050. Your suggestions on other combinations are very welcomed, especially given we will soon get good discounts from you guys in the holiday season 😉


  7. alan says:

    Is this the same product as cilajet in.different name

    • greg nichols says:

      I couldn’t tell you, most chemicals are only made by a few manufacturers. You can call them and ask who makes this product for them.


  8. Roger Carlson says:

    Great writeup! What is the shelf life of Jetseal 109?

  9. Richard Manrique says:

    Thanks for your writeup Greg.
    JetSeal longevity – I put 2 coats (24 hrs apart) of JetSeal on a new Jet Black Nissan Rogue. Then topped with Collinite 476. Maintenance every two months with 845 and bi-weekly with CG V07, and even CG Blitz every 3 to 4 months. Even used Natty’s Red a few times during summer for extra pop. All played nice together. Protection against bird bombs, water spots, tar, bugs lasted 16 months before water spots started failed to rub off with ICE detailer (works great on water spots). I’ll stripped down with P21S paint cleanser and re-set for the upcoming winter. JetSeal gives a great shine by itself and lasts.

  10. Todd says:

    Hey guys, I have a black q50 that is a few years old. When I bought it I had the dealer put Perma Plate on my paint. I want it to look like glass.Any recommendations? Thanks.

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