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IGL Coatings: Ecoshine F4 Renew & More – SEMA 2019


IGL released a few awesome products this year at SEMA! Starting off with the Ecoclean Gluoff, this product can help cut down the time it takes to remove glue from tints and vinyl wraps. It helps break down and safely remove the adhesives gently while reducing the need for razors.

Next up is the Ecocoat Shield. This coating is designed to be used on vinyl and outdoor plastic surfaces. It is safe to use on matte finishes, is high in solids (90% active materials), does not affect self-healing properties, and keeps the areas cleaner for longer. This should be a nice addition to an already great IGL lineup!

Ecocoat Wood is another new product that helps you protect various wood surfaces with ease. It is easy to apply and has extreme QUV stability (300-900 hours once cured).

Last but not least, the Ecoshine Renew F4. This product was already released before SEMA and you can purchase it now on DetailedImage.com by clicking here. This product is really starting to take off and the high-quality graphene infused formula is very easy to apply and greatly increases hydrophobic effects. The jewel like clarity and satin smoothness of the finish is awesome and we highly recommend checking this product out if you have not done so.

We hope to pick up the Ecocoat Wood, Ecocoat Shield and Gluoff once available, so stay tuned to DetailedImage.com in the coming weeks!





Video Transcription:


Hey guys, James here with detailed image. We’re at SEMA 2019. Day three. We’re at the IGL booth talking with Jen. Jen, what’s, what’s the latest, what’s new? All right you guys. So some of the new things coming out with IGL, we do have a few, but a couple that I really want to cover is glu off and F4 renew. So glu off. This is going to be if anybody’s doing any tinting or clear bra removal. This is gonna really help with adhesive removal. So it’s gonna cut down the time by 90%, I would say so. So PPF often there’s a ton of glue. Yes. You ready to kill yourself? This is going to save the day. You’re going to go home and spend more time with your family. And cool. Cool. So this is definitely going to be great for window PPF. Okay.


And application wise, application wise, a spray on. And you can either use a microfiber or if you want to be gentle about it, you can use a plastic razor blade to spray it on and let it to, well, let it kind of like loosen up that adhesives and then go after it didn’t take long either, so, okay. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Okay. And then another one that I want to talk about is our F4 renew. So this is going to be a graphene infused rejuvenating Polish. What you can use this for, I like to use it for one steps. If you get a car that comes in that the customer doesn’t want to spend all the money on paint corrections, this is definitely gonna help out. It’s going to fill very well. I love doing before and after photos with this. This is also going to help you maintain coding so you can not only just use it on IGL.


I’ve used it on other coatings too. But what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna kind of help. It’s definitely gonna help prolong the coating and it’s gonna bring it back to that. I mean that fresh, that fresh brand new coating look. Yep. Yes. Okay. So maybe something where you’ve got a coating before a year or maybe a, maybe less. You just, maybe it depends on how the customer takes care of it, you know what I mean? Maybe it has a little bit more aware than you like, but you’re like, Oh shoot, I wanna I want to renew it, I want to get it back. You’d go into stuff like that and you can actually do this by machine or by hand, so, okay. So I suppose, so if it’s something that where it’s like it’s a DIY, you know, guys, maybe not super comfortable with a polisher. Yeah. Put it on like a microfiber applicator pad. Yeah. Go to town. Yes. And get it back. Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you so much, Jen. I so appreciate it again guys. We’re at SEMA 2019. Thanks so much for watching. Yes.

November 7th, 2019 | SEMA

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