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Industry Interview: Matthew Banach of 303!


1. Before getting into some questions about 303, can you tell me a little about yourself personally? What are your interests outside of detailing?

I’m an avid car enthusiast outside of detailing. I’m in the process of finishing up a restoration on a 1977 Jeep cj7 and am mid-way in a restoration of a 1970 Dodge Coronet. I have 2 little girls who are into everything so all of that keeps me busy

2. Where did you work before 303?

My previous life was at Calumet Specialty products a bulk supplier of chemistry and another company in the automotive aftermarket. I’ve been with Gold eagle for 7 years.

3. Are there any misconceptions about 303 or 303 products that you can educate us about?

The biggest misconception about 303 is that people do not realize we have more than 2 products. It seems that people hear 303 and they think of either the Aerospace Protectant or the Fabric Guard. They are both awesome products, but I’ll put any of our other products up against the incumbent favorites and we will either beat them or compare favorably.

4. We personally love the Aerospace Protectant, what are some of your favorite 303 product and why?

Aerospace Protectant I think is almost everyone’s favorite; I’ve used it for years on my Mustang convertibles vinyl top even before I worked for 303. I would say my personal second most used product is our Spray Wax. I use it every time I dry my car as a drying aid and to leave some protection behind.

Fabric Guard is another favorite for patio and boat. If you’ve never used it the water beading and protection it offers is amazing

5. We get questions about the automotive line a lot, is it the same as the traditional line? Any differences between the two or anything you recommend using over the other?

If it says Protectant or Aerospace Protectant it’s the same product, same with Fabric Guard. Consumers use our product across so many channels it hard to make one bottle for everyone. Overall there is a little overlap with the Protectant and the Fabric Guard, but most of our items are exclusive to channels meaning there are separate products for Automotive and Marine.

6. Anything new and exciting coming from 303 that you can share with us?

We have a lot of new items coming out, The 303 lineup is going to expand quite rapidly and if you wanted you will be able to perform almost all your automotive detailing processes with a 303 product.

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