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Infiniti G37 IPL New Car Prep


Hey detail guru’s! I’d like to share this detail I did for a good client of mine, as he recently just purchased an Infiniti G37 IPL in Malbec Black! Amazing color! We scheduled the detail before he took delivery, knowing we wanted this car at its best from day one.

The car came in with just under a hundred miles, as the owner got a few miles of fun in before dropping it off with me! I got the car in the evening when the sun had already set. Anxiously I was anticipating the next morning of work to see this thing under the sun. Well, to no surprise that next morning I was slightly disappointed of a brand new vehicle looking this rough. Swirls, scratches, marring, everything to be expected from a brand new car, not!

Getting to work on the car, I started with a thorough wash and decontamination to the paint, wheels, tires and wheel wells (I used 4″ NanoSkin AutoScrub Fine Pad to prep the paint surface). Once dry and under my shop lights, I gave the car a full IPA wipe down, taped up where needed and decided to go with a full one step polish using Sonax Perfect Finish and Rupes LHR 15ES with medium cut Rupes pads. This is by far the best match made in heaven for a brand new vehicle. I’ve been sticking with this system with every brand new car for the last several months. Sonax Perfect finish is just the right polish to get amazing results and depth of shine in one step.

Once the color started to come out and show it’s true potential, I cant lie, I was getting lost in this Malbec Black paint color. So much flake with tons of depth, I possibly spent more time than I should have on this one! Although, I couldn’t have been more happy with the way Sonax Perfect Finish made this one “POP”! Once done with the polishing, the car with given another IPA wipe down and final LSP.

Needless to say the customer was extremely pleased with his better than new, new car!

Here is a few pictures of some before and afters! Enjoy!

aowheels | New Car Prep | IPL

aowheels | New Car Prep | IPL

aowheels | New Car Prep | IPL

aowheels | New Car Prep | IPL

aowheels | New Car Prep | IPL

aowheels | New Car Prep | IPL

aowheels | New Car Prep | IPL

aowheels | New Car Prep | IPL

aowheels | New Car Prep | IPL

aowheels | New Car Prep | IPL

Thank You for reading and coming along on this detail with me! Hope you enjoyed!

Comments and questions are surly welcomed!


Brian Guy

Brian Guy
Brian Guy
AOWheels Auto Detail
Orlando, FL

15 comments on Infiniti G37 IPL New Car Prep

  1. David says:

    Very nice detail and shots. I’m wondering if this IPL G37 comes with scratch shield paint- an elastic clearcoat that slowly “absorbs” small scratches and swirls when left in the sun and heat. Did this have any affect on how the Rupes pad and Sonax worked on the polish? What did you end up sealing the paint with after the polish? I agree with you on that Malbac black paint- it really is a gorgeous color.

    • Brian Guy says:


      No Sir, these scratches were induced into the paint… The owner caught the guys at the dealership cleaning it up while signing. The most of the damage was on the hood and drivers side. “The owner stopped them before they made it around the whole car…. The clear coat is a little different than the older G37’s. However, Sonax Perfect Finish made for the perfect correction step. The LSP was Modesta Glass Coating BC-03. The car came out amazing for a New Car Prep! I let the customer stretch its legs for a few miles before dropping it off. 🙂

  2. Jeff says:

    I still amazes me how crappy a car looks coming from the dealer. My mother in law just about a 2013 Honda Accord in Modern Steel Metallic. It didn’t look nearly as bad as the pics above, but still wasn’t in very good condition. I did the same basic process as above and what a difference. People at work wonder why I spent so much time on a brand new car…they just don’t get it.

  3. Jeff says:

    Nice work by they way…the pics look great.

    • Brian Guy says:

      Thanks Jeff.

      It’s kinda hit or miss with the dealerships…. I think the guys in the detail bay were a little excited about the car… This was the 6th IPL to leave the Orlando dealer. The owner asked to not touch the car from the beginning… They must not have heard him correctly the first time. Congrats to the Mother in laws new purchase! And very kind of you to spend the time to get it “done right” !!!

  4. Hugo Alfaro says:

    Brian, welcome to the Ask a Pro Detailer Blog, I am really getting hooked on your posts. Hopefully you’ll have your 20 hour motorcycle detailing article out soon. In this blog, you mentioned the use of medium cut Rupes pads and I wonder if you are referring to the yellow color pads. What would the equivalent be in the Lake Country line of pads? Congratulations, and thanks for letting us pick your brain out, it is such a benefit.

    • Brian Guy says:

      Hugo my friend!!!

      Thank You!!! Yes, we may see the Harley detail show up here!

      I used mostly white Rupes pads in this detail. I pulled out the yellow Rupes pad here and there (small spots)
      I would compare the yellow Rupes and LCP’s about the same as far as cutting ability. Although with Sonax Perfect Finish and Rupes 15, (as used above) the pads are very different from one another. The LCP pads have tighter pours and would have to be cleaned or switched out for a new one more so than the Rupes pads when used with Sonax PF.
      I would compare the orange LCP pad to a white Rupes pad. Different in texture but same in ability with this combo as here above.
      Lake Country Pads are excellent! Although the Rupes pads being cut out in the centers allows more air to be driven through them…. It’s a well thought out design for a machine with a big throw like this. Both pads can take the heat very well though and can produce the same finish.

      You know you can pick my brain as much as you want mate!

      Hope things are well!


  5. Andrew says:


    Do you know what year Infiniti stopped using their “scratch shield self-healing” clear coat? I have a 2012 M37s to complete this weekend was just researching. Thanks

    • Brian Guy says:

      I believe 2010 but could be wrong… Also, (not 100% sure again) but I think the scratch shield was only on a few of the models? Depending on manufacture location… who’s to say they’re still not playing with it to this date.

      Like David, said at the top…. I’m kinda curious myself. The paint was a tad finicky… It very well could have been wearing it….

      But the course of action I took on this brand new car was fine. With the 2012 M37 you have this weekend… I believe its the standard paint. The only thing I would avoid with “any” Infiniti is wet sanding. Other than that… standard course of correction!

  6. Haroon says:

    Man this is what I have been looking for! I have this color on my G37xS sedan and its by far the hardest color to keep clean. Its sad that the paint has such an amazing color but the up keep for it is also quit a pain. I’m hoping to apply the methods you used although my car has 33k miles on it, it’s going to need some heavy TLC. Any recommendations as to which products/methods would best suit my heavily abused paint? thanks!

    • Brian Guy says:


      Give the Sonax Perfect Finish a try with a medium cut pad on an orbital. Just be slow with your motions and technique. Work a small 2’x2′ section at a time. I think you’ll be happy with the results on a single step method.

  7. Sheldon says:


    I am about to buy a new Infiniti G37x AWD. But the sales told me that he will have to power polish the car before the delivery. I am suspecting that he is hiding something.

    Is it a normal procedure to power polish a new car before the delivery? I would appreciate it if you could email me at


  8. mike says:


  9. Brian R says:

    Hi, I have. 2010 G37xs sedan in Obsidian Black, is this considered a soft paint or hard?thanks

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