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It’s All About the Visuals 2 – Website Appearance


This is the second in a series of articles about the importance of visuals – if you missed the first article, it’s here.


Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – where should your online presence be based? This question doesn’t have any “correct” answers – it all depends on your target market and offerings. But while the social media “flavor of the week” can come and go, websites have stayed integral to online presence. Having a professional website is another aspect that can set you apart from other more amateur detailers, and allow you to reach a more affluent target market.

Revitalize Website 1

What’s Your Purpose?

Deciding the main thrust behind your website is vital. Do you just want to hang a “contact us” page and call it good? A simple website at Wix may well do everything you need. Taking the time to produce a professional website with more detailed information can save you considerable time on client inquiries – you won’t have the field as many of the inevitable “how much for a wash and polish?” text messages and phone calls when your offerings are clearly outlined on your website. Slick photography and simple, elegant graphic design also ties back into the “It’s All About the Visuals” theme I’ve talked about in previous blog posts. If you’re offering a premium service, you want everything that interacts with the customer to have a premium appearance.

Compare the BMW website with the Chevrolet website:

Website Comparison

Which website conveys a premium experience?

What I Use

My wife and I have used Squarespace for around 8 years for both Revitalize Auto Spa and Four Twigs Photography. They have competitive pricing, and their templates are quite simply beautiful. All of their templates transition easily between desktop and mobile views – and this is absolutely vital when the huge majority of web traffic is mobile (for this month I had 39 views from iOS, 31 from Android, and 26 from other sources).


The user interface is intuitive and easy to use – you can spend as much or as little time customizing, tweaking, and editing as you want.

Revitalize Website 2

Obviously, quality imagery is very important for the overall appearance. Offering a client with an exotic or luxury vehicle a discount in exchange for a photo session with their vehicle could pay dividends.


It’s easy to discount having a website as early 2000s business since all your clients may primarily be using Facebook/Instagram now – but don’t discount how much a professional website can help justify the price you’re charging (or want to charge).

Nicholas Chopp
Revitalize Auto Spa
Honolulu, HI

2 comments on It’s All About the Visuals 2 – Website Appearance

  1. This post was VERY informative. I love your setup, as someone with OCD it REALLY made me happy haha. Your very organized and it seems that your business is your passion and its really cool to see that, more people should come at their business the way you do, I think more people would be happier and no doubt more successful. You even listed and went down through all of your tools, I thought it was pretty sweet. We have recently started a window tinting shop in Richmond, Virginia. So we peruse and browse through auto stuff including sites like yours very frequently and are trying to build ourselves a web presence in addition to the community presence. Its refreshing to come across posts like this, keep it up!

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