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Kranzle K1622 Pressure Washer: 1 Year Review


Kranzle K1622 Pressure Washer

Living and working in Northern New Jersey, Signature Detailing experiences all four seasons of weather. Particularly, we have full winters with a fair share of snow, ice, and sleet. These conditions require us to use traditional car washes, as our standard practice, to ensure vehicles are clean and properly prepped for paint polishing, ceramic coatings, and paint protection film installations.

Throughout the years we have explored a few ‘budget-friendly’ pressure washer models with okay to poor results. So when the last low-price special failed, we decided it was time to step up and get a quality one. After an agonizing search we settled on the Kranzle K1622 Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer.

It’s been in daily use for over a year now, with nothing but great things to say. We use a 40 degree spray tip. The pressure is powerful and more than enough for our needs, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming where it might damage surfaces and finishes. Of course, we never spray too close to surfaces or keep it in one spot for extended periods of time. Also, the 40 degree spray tip is a perfect balance between safety and performance.

Signature Detailing NJ - Krazle Pressure Washer Review with 40 degree nozzle

We also decided to upgrade my wand and hose. Since we prioritize efficiency when detailing, we needed a longer hose to get around vehicles. So, we added on a 100′ hose. Additionally, we purchased a snub-nosed spray gun. It’s just more practical for all our needs and versatile for tighter areas such as wheels, so we don’t have to stand up to rinse.

This machine has been super reliable with no issues. It makes our standard car washing simple, quick, and super-efficient. At this point, we know it’s built to last and with even the minimum amount of maintenance it will remain a workhorse for years to come. I highly recommend the Kranzle K1622 to anyone in the market for a professional workhorse pressure washer.

P.S. Don’t forget to change the oil after the first 50hrs of use. Afterward, Kranzle states no more oil changes are necessary.

Gregory Gellas
Signature Detailing NJ
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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4 comments on Kranzle K1622 Pressure Washer: 1 Year Review

  1. I would have thought to have some hook up to a source of warm to hot water , as necessary .

  2. Pedro Gonzalez says:

    It’s ridiculous the price for this unit the psi and gpm is terrible

  3. A year later and my kranzle is seeping a tiny bit of oil 🙁


    talking about pressure washers please remember to warn people about their municipal water source (not to mention people on private wells in rural areas) The grit in these systems can easily be 5 microns big which can easily swirl a car, especially at high pressure. Need an article about affordable filtering “systems” to eliminate grit size – i use a cheap Culligan filter cannister with a 1 micron filter on a 80 psi home garden hose. NO swirls from the water – just have to monitor my technique!

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