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Maintenance Washing with DIY Detail Incredible Suds


DIY Detail Incredible Suds

The DIY Detail Incredible Suds is a foaming car shampoo that promises a thick, luxurious lather that not only looks amazing, but also gently cleans your car without leaving streaks or harming the paint. In this review, I will be putting these suds to the test to see if they truly live up to the hype. I will cover dilution ratios while examining Incredible Suds cleaning power, ease of use, and overall value to help you decide if it is the perfect product to add to your car washing arsenal.

Dilution Ratios

  • Working by Hand – DIY Detail recommends diluting 1/2oz to 1oz of Incredible Suds to 3-4 gallons of water.
  • Working with a Foam Cannon or Lance – DIY Detail recommends adding 1oz to 2oz to your reservoir and filling the rest up to water.

With both application types, feel free to play with dilution to achieve your desired results.

DIY Detailed Incredible Suds Shampoo Foam

Initial Impressions

When using shampoos, we always seem to search for something that provides us with the most foam. Not only does Incredible Suds speak to this by name, but it does in use as well. Using Incredible Suds in a Foam Cannon provides you with a thick layer of foam, but where I think we often miss or ignore a shampoo is how it performs in a bucket wash. During this type of washing step, the foam or suds are never off the charts, but other parts of the shampoo can shine. With lubricity, no matter how you are using the shampoo it will help encapsulate contamination, increase slickness, and help you safely remove dirt and grime with a simple swap of your wash media. With Incredible Suds, that is one aspect that I was pleasantly surprised with. My wash sponge moved effortlessly across the paint, greatly reducing the risk of wash induced imperfections. This shampoo will work great with a sponge or a microfiber wash mitt. Incredible Suds is pH neutral and safe for use on various exterior surfaces including paint, trim, glass, metals and more. This also means that you can use this shampoo without any fear of stripping off layers or protection, making it coating safe.

Simply put, I highly recommend Incredible Suds! DIY Detail has taken the detailing industry by storm and just like the rest of their products, Incredible Suds comes at a great value and performs very well.

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