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NanoSkin Peroxide Disinfectant And Sanitizer


Nanoskin Disinfectant Cleaner

The NanoSkin Peroxide Disinfectant And Sanitizer is a product marketed as a cleaner and as a disinfectant.  I have not run it through its paces as a pure cleaner, therefore my focus on this product will be on its antibacterial and disinfectant benefits.

Nanoskin Disinfecting Cleaner close up

Even prior to Covid-19, this is a product that I could potentially use as part of my interior detailing routine as it is a product that serves a variety of roles.  It would fill the role as a second to last step for carpets and fabrics prior to applying any kind of fabric or carpet protection.  Another product that I use that regularly serves this purpose is Gtechniq Tri-Clean.  In essence after cleaning, I would do a last step anti bacterial killing sweep of the carpets and fabric, to ensure any remaining bacteria has been killed.

The product instructions for SOFT SURFACES is to spray from a distance of one half to three quarters of a foot away from the surface until the fabric is wet (not oversaturated) and let air dry.  My use of this product on car fabric seats, carpets, and fabric floormats would fall on the category of a soft surface.  For my uses as a last step product on carpets and fabric seats after cleaning, 5 to 7 sprays on a seat or floor mat would be my normal range.

With Respect To It’s Role In Disinfecting Post Covid-19

There simply are not a plethora of options for car care disinfectants and deodorizers.  I assure you, I do not plan on spraying Lysol in my car.  Due to the various substrates (unique delicate parts) that make up your car’s interior, only a select group of products are appropriate.  To put it succinctly, delicate plastic and leather tend to not play well with household disinfectants.  This product does meet CDC guidelines for cleaning Covid-19.

This product provides the versatility of being a viable disinfectant and food safe option. Being food grade and biodegradable, this may be a better alternative to spray on areas near places that come in contact with food surfaces.

Speaking with a representative of the company, he was kind enough to provide me more details about this product.  These are the key ingredients of this product.  It has a high concentration of isopropyl alcohol and has some hydrogen peroxide.  There are other qualities of note.  He wanted to emphasize this is not a re-bottled product.  It has passed through multiple trials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The company representative warned to watch out for these areas: sensitive rubber parts (i.e. delicate interior trim), some leather and suede (newer Ford models) surfaces, and also satin finishes.  In my personal opinion, I would suggest to avoid using on navigation screens.  He informed me the product is safe on carbon fiber surfaces.

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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