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Pro Tips: Popsicle Stick Detailing


We all want a trick or two to help speed up or aid our detailing bag of tricks.  First go find the ice cream man in your neighborhood, he is the poor buggar that has to listen to that annoying song playing for hours. Buy a popsicle and head back to the garage.  Contemplate the life you have, stare at the car you need to detail, and forget the “honey-do list”. Save that precious popsicle stick and allow it to dry while you detail the exterior.
Popsicle stick detailing

Okay speed ahead 6hrs, its time for the interior.  Interiors are a pain with all the nooks and crannies that dust settles in. You can go though a whole box of Q-Tips, which inevitably upsets your wife, OR find that stick I told you to save!

If you wrap a thin microfiber towel over the stick you now have an “advanced dust detailer microfiber on a stick” ADDMS for short.  The vents on the dash are a breeze now, the CD slot no worries, and the joints between panels easy.  Just place the stick in different areas of the MF towel and spritz if necessary with your favorite cleaner or quick detailer and whip out the hard to reach areas in no time!
Popsicle stick and microfiber cleaning vents

You might save so much time, that something on the honey-do list gets done!

Tell me how it works out for you, or post up your favorite interior detailing trick.

Greg Nichols Reflections Detailing
Greg Nichols
Reflections Detailing
Logan, Utah

3 comments on Pro Tips: Popsicle Stick Detailing

  1. Great tip and entertaining article Greg! I’ll be sure to yell at my wife the next time she tries to throw away a potential ADDMS! 🙂


  2. Tato says:

    Great stuff, i have the same resultl but different method, i use the same stick but tape some adhesive velcro on it and just spray my detailer on to the velcro…GREAT TIP…

  3. Greg Nichols says:


    I like your idea also, thanks for sharing. I guess you could have the “loop” end for soft work, and the “hook” end for a bit of abrasive work.


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