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Product Review: CarPro PERL


CarPro has an incredible lineup of products, and PERL is no exception.  PERL is a versatile, water-based protective product that can be used on Plastic, Engine, Rubber, and Leather.  This product contains no solvents, so it will not damage your tires, or dry out your plastic.


Photo: CarPro PERL shown in various sizes along with the Tuf Shine Tire Applicator Sponge which works great for applying the product to tires and trim.

PERL is concentrated and can be diluted for various uses.  Once the product has been applied and is dry, it provides a hydrophobic layer that will help to protect the surface beneath it by repelling water and dirt for up to 3 months.  PERL leaves a dry, non-greasy surface and the shine can be altered depending on how it is diluted.

Common uses and dilution ratios for PERL are:

  • Restoring & Protecting Exterior Plastics:  1:1 – 3:1
  • Dressing & Protecting Engine Panels:  1:1 – 3:1
  • Dressing Tires & Rubber:  Undiluted – 1:1
  • Dressing & Protecting Interior Vinyl & Leather:  5:1

Note:  All dilution ratios are listed as (# Parts Water: # Parts PERL) and are simply recommendations.  You may adjust the ratios as needed to fit your personal needs.

Pickup a few of the 8 oz. spray bottles so you can experiment with various dilutions of PERL and keep many on hand so you are ready to handle anything from tire dressing to interior protection.

I personally use PERL most frequently as a tire dressing.  I prefer a higher gloss, so I use it undiluted and apply a thin coat.  After the product has dried, I may apply a second coat to further enhance the shine and ensure even coverage.  I really love the look of PERL on tires!  The product should be left to dry until the surface is dry to the touch.  This will ensure there will be no slinging or mess (If excess product is used, you may need to wipe dry with a black microfiber towel).


Photo: CarPro PERL applied to tires.  Undiluted (neat).  1 coat.  Product is dry to the touch.

In good weather, the tires should maintain a dark appearance for at least a week or two.  The shine may fade with time and weathering, however the hydrophobic properties will still be present.  The photo below shows the nice beading effect on my tires after driving in the rain.  Your tires will be easier to clean with a nice layer of protection on them, and it is quick and easy to apply a new thin coat after each wash to maintain a nice shine.


Photo:  Water beading on tires.  PERL applied approximately 2 weeks prior.

If you’re looking for a great “bang for your buck” product that can tackle many tasks… CarPro PERL is a fantastic choice.

Zach McGovern
Attention To Detailing Peoria
Peoria, IL

4 comments on Product Review: CarPro PERL

  1. CDot says:

    Nice and succinct review Zach!

  2. Josh G says:

    Have you used this in an engine compartment? If so what do you use to prep? (product and system would be good to know) detailing engine compartments is very popular in my area, there are many who like to dress their engine bay almost as nicely as their paint and interior. Yet no one on the site has done a good engine detail article. I will continue to research, as I said this is going to be needed in my area. If I find anything I like I would love to send it to you or one of the other true professionals for a product review.

    • Hi Josh… PERL can work well in the engine bay on plastic covers and rubber pieces. Simply clean and dry all areas prior to application. Depending on the condition of the engine, you may just need soap and water, or you may need an all purpose cleaner or degreaser.

      Here is a fairly straight forward guide to cleaning and dressing your engine. This article features 303 Aerospace Protectant, which I also really enjoy using on the engine bay.

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