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Product Review: Autofiber Wash Monster Plush Car Wash Pad


Autofiber Wash Monster Featured Image

Ever since we picked up the Autofiber Wash Monster Plush Car Wash Pad, it has been an incredible seller and one that I put on my want list. This past weekend I had a chance to finally take this pad for a spin and I can see why so many customers enjoy it.

Autofiber Wash Monster in Package

First, it may seem simple or trivial, but I love that the mitt comes in a nice package. On the front label you will find a quick introduction to the product, some features, and a qr code to the Autofiber website. This allows you to become acquainted with the product and what you are about to use. On top of that, I like that I can let the pad air dry and slip it back into the package for storage. Again, very simple but a very nice touch from Autofiber.

Autofiber Wash Monster

Immediately when opening the pad you can feel the quality and see that the pad has two different length fibers. The shorter, more dense, white fibers expand and hold the suds while the longer black fibers gently agitate dirt and grime on the surface of your car. This combo allows you to glide the pad across the paint, pulling dirt and grime from the surface safely and easily. This microfiber is listed at 1000gsm (80/20 blend), so you know it will be incredibly soft and safe to use on various paint types.

Autofiber Wash Monster Hole

The pad measures 10″ x 8″ and the coolest function is the mitt-like opening at the bottom of the pad. I tested the wash pad out like it was a mitt and as a standard wash pad, along with removing and adding the foam pieces that come with the pad.

I found that using it without foam and more like a mitt is great for areas that have many contours (i.e. wheels). You are really able to bend the mitt around spokes and get into tight areas for quick and easy removal of contamination. I love wash pads, but find myself often reaching for a simple microfiber wash mitt to bend around tight curves, so the Wash Monster is a nice change of pace.

While using the Wash Monster with 1-3 pieces of foam, it greatly stiffens up the pad and allows it to soak up more suds for safe washing (i.e. great for paint). This customization aspect is an awesome little feature that I found myself enjoying so much that this pad just might be what I reach for moving forward.

When you are finished washing, let the mitt air out before storing. You can even launder it without the interior foam pieces to keep it clean and lasting a long time.

What is your go-to wash media? Leave it below!

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