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Product Review: Chemical Guys Citrus Wash


When it comes to choosing a car wash, the options seem almost endless.  One of my personal favorites, which I use on every car I work on is Chemical Guys Citrus Wash.  For an inexpensive option, this premium shampoo packs quite the punch.  Depending on the ratio used while washing, it can be used for simply a maintenance wash when mixed at a ratio of 1-oz. (full cap) per 5 gallons.  When mixed at a stronger ratio of 1-oz. per gallon, it will strip wax and other contaminants from the surface leaving a nice clean contaminant free surface.

Product Description

High performance ultra concentrated total auto wash surface cleaner. Simply be the beat wash at any price. A citrus base, hyper-concentrated wash in the ultimate surface prep paintwork cleanser, shampoo. This 100% surface friendly biodegradable formula out performs hazardous solvent shampoos and surface cleaners. Fast penetrating citrus aided lubricated surfaces allowing debris to be gently rinsed off. Naturally derived Citrus extracts are formulated with the finest cleanings available today to deliver a 100% pure Citrus is free or artificial thickeners, colors or additives delivering the cleanest, streak free high gloss finish.


Extremely concentrated and highly versatile 1 CAP FULL mixes with 5 gallons of water for a superior wash. As a paintwork cleanser dilute 1oz with 1 gallon of water for superior surface cleaner to remove built up grime and leftover wax. Always wash vehicle when the surface is cool. Rinse the vehicle with water to remove loose grit and surface dirt. Start washing from the top down and rinse the car often. Frequent rinsing is important if you are washing on a warm day. Do not allow the soapy water to dry on your paint. Use a final rinse of free-flowing water (nozzle off the hose) allowing the water to sheet.

KMG - CG Citrus Wash

I start my washing process using 3-4-oz. of Citrus Wash in my DI Foam Lance for a strong pre-treatment prior to my standard two-bucket method.

KMG - CG Citrus Wash

Citrus Wash provides a nice thick coat of suds, which really cling to the surface while breaking down contaminants for easy removal.

After being left to dwell for roughly five (5) minutes and a thorough rinse, I will proceed to a two-bucket method wash using the stronger ratio of Citrus Wash as I want a nice clean surface to begin my work.  I like to use three (3) gallon wash buckets as they are easier to move around and require less water.  I typically fill my buckets 2/3 of the way and add roughly two (2) oz. of shampoo, which as seen below will provide lots of suds.

KMG - CG Citrus Wash

I like using a DI Microfiber Chenille Zero Cuff Wash Mitt or Lake Country Blue Grout Sponge while washing, which are both very soft.  When paired with the thick suds of Chemical Guys Citrus Wash this makes for a very safe wash on the surface of your vehicle.

KMG - CG Citrus Wash

If you’re looking for a versatile yet inexpensive shampoo, it would be hard to find a better bang for your buck shampoo then the Chemical Guys Citrus Wash, which can be used for all your washing needs.

Kevin M. George
KMG Detailing
Lebanon, PA

8 comments on Product Review: Chemical Guys Citrus Wash

  1. James melfi says:

    Nice review Kevin, one of my personal favorites as well, definately a great value !

  2. Victor says:

    Love this shampoo as well. Great 2 birds with one stone type of application. What is your opinion on pressure washing the vehicle free of all major contaminants, then spraying it down with a waterless wash spray while it is wet, then wiping it down and drying with micros?

    • Kevin George says:

      Victor, this technique would be fine on a car that was not overly dirty to begin with. I very rarely use waterless washes but I do not see any reason that you could not do this as long as you are using care and doing the wash with proper technique to minimize the chances of doing any damage to the cars finish. Thanks and hopefully that helps.

  3. My favorite all-around shampoo as well. Now with the release of CarPro Hydro2Foam, I’m planning on using that as a monthly “topoff” for the CQuartz.

    • Kevin George says:

      Citrus wash is a perfect all around shampoo, however Hydr02Foam is a great for maintenance washes on cars that have a coating or some other type of protection on them already.

      • James S says:

        But would the citrus wash diminish the durability of any coatings on the vehicle when using the 1 cap for 5 gallon of water dilution amount?

        • Kevin George says:

          James, Citrus Wash will be perfectly fine and will not diminish the durability of any protection you have on your vehicle at that ratio. As I stated in my article, if you use a stronger ratio of 1 oz. per gallon then you will likely remove any waxes and glazes that might be on the vehicle. Thanks for reading and hopefully this answers your question.

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