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Product Review: DI Accessories Bug Sponge


KMG - DI Bug Sponge

Bug removal can be quite the daunting task, especially if they have been on the surface of the vehicle for a long period of time.  It is important to remove these as soon as possible, as this can cause damage to vehicles finish by etching into the paint.  DI’s new Bug Sponge has made this task a lot easier to complete.  Previously I had been using the Tuf Shine Scrub-All No Scratch Sponge, which works good for removal of fresh bugs.  Upon first inspection of the new bug sponge, you will notice that it seems very stiff and coarse, however once it is in your wash bucket the sponge becomes surprisingly soft.  Due to the coarse weave of the sponge, it makes removal of surface debris very simple.  Unlike other sponges where you need to scrub these areas to thoroughly remove dried debris from the surface, this sponge can literally remove them in one or two passes.  On tougher spots you may still need to use a product such as an all purpose cleaner (APC) or a dedicated bug spray such as Chemical Guys Bug and Tar Wash.  If you’re looking for something that is tough on removing debris yet gentle enough to not cause any damage to finish on your vehicle, this the sponge for you.

KMG - Bug

As with all of my reviews, here is the description for the DI Bug Sponge as provided on their site.

Product Description

The DI Accessories Bug Sponge will allow you to remove dirt, grime, bug splatter, and more with ease! The Bug Sponge will soak up and carry an incredible amount of water and soap to help you safely wash away contamination without harming the surface. Everyday dirt and grime is no match for this sponge, but where the Bug Sponge really shines is at removing those nasty bug splatters from your paint. The high quality foam is flexible and easy to maneuver. Just drop the sponge into a wash bucket with water and your favorite car wash shampoo, agitate that bug splatter and rinse away. For heavy duty cleaning use cold water and for a more gentle cleaning experience use warm water. This sponge is tough, long lasting, efficient, and easily rinses clean. If you are looking for the perfect sponge to clean bug splatter and other contamination from your paint, the DI Accessories Bug Sponge is a great choice!

KMG - DI Bug Sponge

Kevin M. George
KMG Detailing
Lebanon, PA

5 comments on Product Review: DI Accessories Bug Sponge

  1. Mathew Voletto says:

    The first time I have ever used a bug sponge like this I almost threw it out. I thought it would really scratch the paint but after letting it sit in some water for awhile it made it much softer. Makes getting bugs off a breeze especially with a good bug cleaner.

    • Kevin George says:

      I have to agree with you on this Mathew. When I first got this sponge I thought there is no way I am going to use this thing, however once it is placed in your bucket it is pretty amazing how the characteristics of the sponge change. This is now my go to bug sponge and works amazing.

  2. Steve K says:

    Guess I might need one when I move to Alabama…Love bugs!

  3. Doug says:

    If bugs get on the front between wash and wax jobs what product(besides this sponge) do you use the remove the bug and restore the protection?

  4. Ron Ayotte says:

    I am detailing a 170K mile Camry tomorrow.., the front of the car looked like a bug gut massacre. I tried the DI bug sponge tonight. I soaked the front of the car with Meguiar’s APC applied with a pump sprayer, used the bug sponge softened in ONR ad got well over 90% of the crap of the front of the car in a few minutes worth of work. I’ll go over it again to finish up the bug gut removal as part of the detailing process.

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