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Product Review: DI Accessories Sheepskin Wash Mitt


The DI Accessories Sheepskin Wash Mitt is another one of my favorite products, as described in my 10 Favorite Detailing Products post.

“Most swirls are added during the washing process so it is very important to have a high quality washing tool. Generic mitts and sponges are often not soft and plush enough to safely clean your entire vehicle. They lack the paint safe fibers and pockets of space that ensure you don’t grind in contaminants while washing. The extremely soft collection of natural paint safe fibers makes this a premium wash mitt for top quality detailing work. Equally important is that contaminates in the mitt are easily released when you put the mitt in your rinsing bucket. Releasing contaminates is critical, so they do not remain on the surface while you continue to wash. This product is made from natural materials, which means there are varying levels of durability compared to synthetic mitts. However the ultra plush natural fibers in the Sheepskin Wash Mitt give you peace of mind knowing you are using a paint safe mitt. The only difference between this mitt and the one with the thumb is just the thumb. They are both from the same quality materials, this one doesn’t have a specific slot for your thumb. Use one today and you will be impressed with the outstanding results”

I wanted to leave more than just a basic review on this mitt as it’s definitely one of my favorite tools in the business.

Why I like it

I personally use the Sheepskin Wash Mitt without thumb as I find no use for the thumb, but the Mitt with Thumb is just as good so it’s simply a personal preference.  This mitt is a favorite because it’s the perfect tool for washing and the best I’ve come across in a long time.  I’ve been using it for years now and never had an issue.  It’s an extremely soft and safe wash media for any types of paint, so it doesn’t instill any swirl marks when used properly and cleaned regularly.  It’s also a great performer at actually cleaning the paint as it has long fibers that can trap dirt safely and easily.  As described in my Winter Washing With ONR article, I like to first use the mitt on one side with very light to no pressure, then follow up with the other side to fully clean the section.  This way I ensure that some of the dirt on the vehicle is picked up with very light pressure, and the remaining with the other, clean side of the mitt.


The DI Sheepskin Mitt is not only a great performer, it’s also extremely durable.  One mitt lasts many, many washes, but as with everything else, requires proper cleanup and maintenance to stay in good shape.  I like to thoroughly wash my mitts after every 2-3 washes, however if the car I’m washing is extremely dirty I’ll probably go ahead and wash it thoroughly immediately after.  Allow me to explain.  When I say thoroughly wash, I’m talking about throwing 3-4 mitts into a bucket full of soapy water, letting them sit for at least a few hours, then thoroughly rinsing them inside out.  After washing, I set them to dry and make sure they remain opened so the inside can thoroughly dry.  I’ve found that if the inside doesn’t dry well it can lead to the mitt losing fibers faster than normal.  To dry it well on the inside, I find it best to push the mitt onto something like a broom handle or L hook in order to keep the cuff facing down, allowing all the water to drain out and air to get in.

In addition to this thorough washing, I do clean up the mitts after each and every wash by thoroughly spraying them with an All-Purpose Cleaner on the outside, then rinsing and drying completely.  Most of my mitts last at least 15-20 washes before they get demoted to wheel washing duty.  At this point, they still perform very well, but I always like to be on the safest side of things so I prefer to switch to brand new mitts.  Again, this is a big variable as I encounter mostly dirty vehicles who need a good washing, whereas cleaner vehicles that get washed on a regular basis would probably extend the 15-20 washes to over 30-40 before I found the need to switch to new mitts.

Lastly, the first thing I do with my mitts is cut off the little loop near the cuff so to not have it drag on the paint aimlessly.  As noted above, I like to dry the mitts from the inside out, so the little loop is of absolutely no use to me.  Others may find it useful, so to each their own.

Final Thoughts

The DI Sheepskin Mitt is a main tool in my detailing arsenal and one I would highly recommend to anyone out there.  It works very well both with traditional washing methods as well as rinseless products, such as Optimum No-Rinse.  It’s one of the few tools that is always used and has no replacement so there’s no wondering what to choose for a specific car, as we do with cleaners, polishes, claybar, etc.  Definitely a must have for anyone and a big time favorite of mine!

Hope this encourages some of you guys to give this mitt a shot as I’m sure you’ll like the outstanding results and ease of use.

Thanks for reading!

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4 comments on Product Review: DI Accessories Sheepskin Wash Mitt

  1. Jon says:


    Another gem in the toolbox! I agree this is one of the best wash media and like it just a touch better than my cheille microfiber mitt (the one that appears to have dreadlocks).

    I learned about the inside not drying the hard way. After I line dried iet by haning it from the loophole on a carabiner clip, I tossed it in a ziplock for a few days to ensure it is kept clean. I noticed moisture a day or two later and realized the inside lining was still damp! While this did not impair the usability of my mitt, it was a lesson learned. Had I let it sit for too long, especially in a sealed zip lock bag, it might have become mildewed.

    Note that if my car is ‘really’ dirty, I will use the chenille MF and preserve my sheepskin. Otherwise, sheepskin rules.


  2. Jon says:

    I forgot to ask…what APC (assuming Meg’s APC+) dilutoin are you using to clean off your mitt?

  3. Ivan Rajic says:

    Thanks Jon.
    In terms of using the mitt, I would use it even if the car is really dirty as it’s probably much safer than the MF one you have. I understand that the sheepskin mitt does take a beating from dirt that’s really stuck on the paint, but if the car is that dirty you should always try to break down some of the heavier dirt with something like the P21S Total Wash or another cleaner.

    In response to your other question, I usually have either 10:1 or 15:1 bottles which I use for interior cleaning and pad washing, so I’ll typically pick up one of those. After a few of these “basic” cleanings, I’ll simply pour a bit of APC+ into about 4 gallons of water and let the mitts take a bath for a while before thoroughly cleaning them out. This usually gets rid of any dirt and staining inside the mitt and preserves them for longer.

    Hope that helps Jon, thanks!

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