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Product Review: Griot’s Garage Iron and Fallout Remover


This review is bit overdue, but here comes regardless.  I’ve always used CarPro IronX for iron removal and have no issues.  That said, I’m always up for finding a better alternative even to something that works great.  Griot’s Iron and Fallout Remover sounded like a good candidate for this and at a good price, better than that of IronX.

Griot’s Garage Iron and Fallout Remover helps dissolve harmful fallout and iron brake dust fast, safe and easy! The thick gel-like formula is easy to spray onto the surface and it clings to your vehicle’s exterior, allowing the formula to stay on the surface longer. You will be amazed at how well it sticks, instead of running down the surface. This clinging action allows the high quality formula to remove more fallout than other liquid formulas that quickly run down the paint. For any heavily contaminated areas Griot’s Garage recommends agitating the surface with a clean wash mitt or sponge. After application, be sure to rinse the paint thoroughly to remove any iron, fallout, and solution left on the surface. Rust deposits, industrial dust, lime deposits, brake dust, and other contaminants are no match for this strong formula. You will love the clean surfaces this outstanding product leaves behind! Another huge benefit of this cleaner is the scent. If you are aware of other iron removers on the market, you know they may work but smell is often terrible. Griot’s Garage uses a special formula that helps encapsulate odors and leave behind a citrus scent. Now this is still a strong cleaner, so there will be some smell, but the citrus scent they have been able to add to this product makes using an iron remover much more pleasant than before. Pick up the Griot’s Garage Iron and Fallout Remover and safely and easily remove harmful iron deposits and fallout!

The description of the GG iron remover is well worded and true.  I tested it side by side with Carpro on a fairly dirty wheel and here are some photos of that…

Lustr.GriotsIronRemover (1)

Lustr.GriotsIronRemover (2)

Lustr.GriotsIronRemover (3)

Lustr.GriotsIronRemover (4)

Lustr.GriotsIronRemover (5)

Lustr.GriotsIronRemover (6)

After waiting about a minute I rinsed off the whole wheel…

Lustr.GriotsIronRemover (7)

Overall both products removed a good amount of the deposits on the wheels after a simple rinse with the hose.  I did try the Griot’s product on a few cars as well and overall I’m very pleased with it.  It seems to work as advertised, clinging to the surface pretty well, removes a good amount of deposits and doesn’t smell bad.  As far as smell goes, I greatly appreciate a good smelling product as it doesn’t linger at the shop and when it does it’s not as horrible.  That said, I highly recommend wearing a mask with basically all detailing products so as to preserve your health.  A lot of products nowadays smell pretty good but are definitely not something we should be inhaling.

Safety speech aside, I would definitely recommend the Griot’s Garage Iron and Fallout Remover.  I don’t have any science behind me to confirm, but I believe it’s slightly less effective than Carpro IronX in breaking down deposits.  This only relates to simply spraying the cleaner and rinsing off with a hose.  Other than that, the Griot’s product works really well and is more cost effective.  It can definitely remove a lot of the contamination in the paint and with some agitation is very efficient.  For an enthusiast or professional, this would be a great product to have.

Lustr.GriotsIronRemover (8)

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2 comments on Product Review: Griot’s Garage Iron and Fallout Remover

  1. Ron Ayotte says:

    I am also a fan of Griot’s Iron and Fallout Remover. I’ve tried Car Pro’s Iron X and Adams Fallout Remover, I like Griot’s best of the three.

    When my son bought his preowned 2016 F150 (Platinum White), he came over and we detailed it he told the dealership not to touch wash it, and that he would be detailing it). We did the wash, then applied the Iron and Fallout Remover. The truck was literally bleeding from the iron contamination., then his truck was clayed, polished and sealed.

  2. Kirby Thomson says:

    I have used during a training class at Griot’s facility in Tacoma. We used the product on the foam cannon and sprayed over the entire paint and wheels. Works great, and as noted it has an attractive price point in comparison to other brands.

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