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Product Review: Gtechniq W3 Ceramic Wash


All the Gtechniq products I’ve used have always been on point, so I had high hopes for the new W3 Ceramic Wash. A good ceramic maintenance wash is a great product to have on hand and will help prolong and enhance any existing ceramic protection you have on the paint. Additionally, you can use W3 as standalone protection by diluting it and applying it directly to the panels, making it an extremely versatile product.

Gtechniq W3 Ceramic Wash

I used this product as a traditional wash. First, mix 20ml to 5 Gallons of water. The graduated cap is included and makes dilution a breeze. This dilution ratio is amazing and provides many washes out of one bottle.

Gtechniq W3 Ceramic Wash Diluted within Cap

Now before you use it, understand that this product is designed to NOT sud up a lot. It does initially in the bucket but then quickly dissipates. Here is the most amount of suds you get while using it.

It is very strange to use at first as you are so used to using the suds as an indicator of soap being present. However, this is low suds and high lubricity shampoo. Similar to high end hair shampoos where they have a low level of sulfates, which is much better for your hair but doesn’t feel like the traditional shampoo you might be used to. Because of this and the type of shampoo it is, it is designed as a maintenance wash, not if your vehicle is extremely dirty. I tested it on a dirty vehicle and many spots need a second pass.

Gtechniq W3 Ceramic Wash Suds during use

You do need to wash in shade and make sure the surface is cool as the shampoo will evaporate quickly. I also found it better to rinse about halfway through the vehicle rather than washing the whole car and rinsing as I normally do.

However, this shampoo is VERY slick, which is great in helping reduce swirls. Your mitt glides over the paint effortlessly, and I could feel a different level of lubricity compared to other shampoos I have used.

When it’s all done you get an amazing shine that is very slick. Easily my favorite maintenance wash and an easy recommendation to add to your wash collection!

Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
Instagram | YouTube

1 comment on Product Review: Gtechniq W3 Ceramic Wash

  1. Donny says:

    I agree with everything outlined here. I’ve used it a couple times now, on a coated car, and it has worked great. It also rinses very clean. There were no spots left. The surface was very slick.

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