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Product Review: Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner Concentrate (D120)


Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner D120 is another great product from Meguiar’s that I’ve been using for many years.

If you want superior performance and value from your glass cleaner than look no further than the Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner Concentrate. This cleaner does a great job of leaving glass free from contaminants and streaks that can impair your vision. Cleaning the glass regularly helps ensure you are able to see clearly and drive safely even in difficult conditions. Simply use a 10:1 (water:cleaner) ratio and clean any glass surface with ease. Even when diluted it’s a highly effective cleaner that can remove the most stubborn build ups very quickly. Best of all it’s ammonia free and safe on tinted glass as well. Get everything you need from one glass care product with the Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner Concentrate.

The main reason I like this product over others is the performance it provides.  Mainly, it leaves a completely streak-free finish when used properly.  Those of you who know how tedious cleaning certain glass can be know exactly what I mean by “used properly”.  You can’t simply wipe an oily windshield once and call it a day just because it’s cleaner.  If you shine a light on it you’ll notice streaks and oil left over.  So the proper way to do it is thoroughly clean it by wiping 1, 2, 3 or more times to fully remove any residue and leave a perfect finish.  This usually applies to inside of the glass as that’s where most of the tricky buildup forms.  In any case, I like to use the DI Microfiber Glass Polishing Towel whenever I clean the glass.  I like it because it’s very thin and doesn’t leave any lint, but cleans very well and leaves a streak-free finish when paired with the cleaner.

Also, you don’t need to use much of the cleaner to wipe off residue from glass.  After washing and drying the car, I typically need only 1-2 light sprays to clean an average sized window.  This means that not only do I save on product, but I can utilize only one of the glass towels to go around an entire vehicle before it gets too damp.  It also makes quick work of any stuck on bugs or bird droppings from the glass, even without first spraying the spots to break it down.  These contaminants only require a quick spray and a little scrubbing to remove.

Another great thing about the Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner D120 is the amount of product you get for the price.  It really can’t be beat and it easily works as good or better than many more expensive brand names.  Even when diluted less than the recommended 10:1 ratio it does great work on glass stains, which means you get even more for your money.

In short, Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner D120 is everything you’ll ever need in a glass cleaner and I don’t see myself using anything else for a long time to come.

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10 comments on Product Review: Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner Concentrate (D120)

  1. Vin says:

    I totally agree. A Great glass cleaner at a bargain price when diluted correctly. Nice sent as well.

  2. Aurelius says:

    i’m using the spray-can foaming variety glass cleaner with the green glass cloth – it works very well. but this must be an upgrade.

  3. MobileXmen says:

    The grape smell rocks, makes cleaning windows aromatherapy. The cost per gallon is crazy, less than a dollar per gallon. Put it in small sprayers and give to customers as a thank you. Cheap advertising.

  4. Bruce says:

    Great stuff. A little sure goes a long way and also makes the inside of the car smell good.

  5. Ray Scott says:

    I just placed an order for the 128oz. container. Great value!!

  6. Rob says:

    We love this product! As good as any out there for cleaning automotive glass. We use it in the household as well because it is such a bargain diluted 10:1. It’s truly a household and detailing mainstay.

  7. Jason says:

    How does this compare to Stoner’s Automotive Glass cleaner?

  8. Reginald says:

    The cleaner will decrease the static cling and therefore, the dust is going to be repelled as such the window will stay clean for an extremely long duration of time. The Chemical Guys Signature collection Glass Cleaner is a rather common car glass cleaner brand.

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