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Product Review: Metro Vac ‘N Blo


I’ve been using the Metro Vac ‘N Blo for a few months now, and really loving it…… truly sucks! When talking about the “power” of a vacuum its all about inches of lift, and this vacuum has 95″ of lift, many others are hard pressed to have 60″ of lift. For example my shop vac has 6hp vs 4hp on the Metro, shop vac is 65″ and Metro is 95″ that is huge difference in “power”. It is very versatile for detailing and for carpet cleaning. I picked this item up at the SEMA show, and spent some time talking with the company, the product is highly durable and built in the USA…….not much of that going on anymore!

I’ve owned a shop vac for a few years and it did a great job, however the Metro Vac ‘N Blo is better for several reasons. First it’s SUPER portable, I can take it with me for a quick trip to a clients house for a mobile call. I got the wheels with the unit that allow it to be drug around or hung on the wall. Secondly its long and flexible hose gives me ample room to work around, no more climbing out to reposition the vac to reach the rear of the large vehicle, the flexible hose doesn’t grab on edges of the cars trim very hard to kink, and its smaller diameter makes it easy to get into narrow areas. Thirdly, the attachment kit comes with every possible thing to reach into all the crevices you wish you could get into. Fourthly, (is that a word?) it has a quick attachment to blow out water, dirt, carpets, or dry the kids hair in a pinch. As a detailer I get a fair amount of soccer mom cars that the kids have trashed the carpets, with the blow function I can blow out, and brush the carpet to loosen up the deep down grime, then vac it up easily. Carpet are so much cleaner using this technique, sounds like I should do a write up on deep carpet cleaning, so when I then have to do a carpet shampoo or steaming I’m not creating a nasty slurry of grime that stays down deep it the carpets. Almost last but not least (better than saying fifthly or such) I can dry the carpet faster after shampooing them with the extractor. Using the blower and a cotton towel I can remove the hard to get moisture that can cause carpet to wick up and re-soil, and limit the down time of waiting for dry carpets. Finally, the ability to blow out all the crevices that hold water after a wash is awesome. I have used a leaf blower in the past, I have used my shop vac too, both of them presented a bit of a conundrum……I could get lint being transferred onto the car from the air not be really filtered. The Metro Vac ‘N Blo doesn’t have this problem for me, and with a good coating of wax or sealant I can dry the car touch free, thus limiting the possible scratches. OH wait I also love it because I have it hanging on my garage wall, and with the longer hose (24′) my wife and kids can clean out my wife’s car more often so I don’t have to do it, that is priceless to me!

The product really is highly versatile for me, the variety of options make it almost like a Swiss army knife or leatherman. Not as useful as bailing twine and duct tape for a farmer, but perfect for me!



Greg Nichols Reflections Detailing
Greg Nichols
Reflections Detailing
Logan, Utah

14 comments on Product Review: Metro Vac ‘N Blo

  1. Mike says:

    Nice write up. I have always been curious about the performance of this machine. I tend to detail a lot of “work trucks”. This means I suck up a lot of rocks, sand, dirt, etc. How does this machine respond to such harsh elements and how often do you have to empty the chamber? Thanks.


  2. Greg says:

    Hello Mike!

    If you are sucking up gravel, heavy sand, or thick patches of dirt…………this machine will suck it up. That said the Metro Vac N’ Blo bags will fill up quickly, it will hold about a quart (for this size metro, they make a smaller one) in size. I’ve shaken out the paper filter and reused them, it has 3 filters (paper, canvas, foam) so the paper filter will just need to be emptied more often if you are doing a fleet of work trucks. It all depends upon how “dirty” the vehicles are. Its best not to try and suck up pea sized rocks all the time with ANY vacuume, brush them out first. I would also give grimy carpets a heavy brushing to loosen up grime, for much more effective removal.


  3. Marc Harris says:

    Nice review Greg,
    The Metro Vac-N-Blo surely looks like the perfect garage accessory for many enthusiasts and detailers alike. I look forward to talking to you about it further during our next chat.

  4. Marlene Miciunas says:

    I love the Metro Van-N-Blo for my Harley to blow out the water in those tight spots. Also love it to help dry the car. I still haven’t mastered avoiding using any finishing drying media on the cars but the blower does eliminate alot of water so even though you still end up drying the car, you’re touching the surface alot less therefore reducing chances of swirl marks. Great purchase for me.

  5. Marlene Miciunas says:

    Actually I looked closer. Mine is called “Master Blaster” by Metro. I think it’s just a dryer for cars and bikes. I don’t think it’s a vacuum as well. Love it just the same!

  6. Aman says:

    Thanks for the write-up on this product.

    How do you think this compares to the portable Metro Vac ‘N ‘Blo? I live in an apartment, so no power outlets for me when cleaning my Accord in the garage. 🙁

    • Greg says:

      Aman you are welcome.

      I assume you mean the Metro 500 that you can plug into your car? If so, I’ve never used it, but here are my thoughts on the specs. Since you are plugging it into your car, it cannot have the same power as its drawing only on a 12V source. The amount of suction is much less due to this. But its a great option is that is your only option. A few of my boat owners have them and say they work well.


  7. Garrett says:

    I would love to see a write up on carpet cleaning/deep cleaning. That would be awesome.

  8. Anthony says:

    Would a wet dry vac with a blower feature do the same thing? Anyone tries that?

    • greg nichols says:


      I have a Shop vac 16gal that has the blower feature. Like it for a fixed location due to its size. However the amount of suction (inches of lift) is less for the shop vac vs. the metro. So for many of my mobile jobs the metro is king for its portability and suction power.


  9. Randall Rothermel says:

    You folks sent me the wrong item. I ordered the Metro vacuums Vac and Blo Automotive and you sent me the Air Force Blaster. So I need you to ship me what nI ordered and a return lable to send you back the wrong item.

  10. Miles says:

    Are these vacuums available in Canada ?

    • Greg says:

      no you can’t get these in Canada, we save the good stuff for ourselves! YES YOU CAN, order it from DI and get it shipped, unless there is some rule I don’t know about shipping these to CN.


  11. Stacy Weaver says:

    I was wondering…
    So does this vac actually pick up water as well? Or just blow air to help remove the water? We do details alot and are having trouble finding a decent vac that will do all 3 (vacuum, suck water, and blow air). I keep finding comments about how well it vacuums and blows, but what about sucking up water?

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