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Rinseless Washing with P&S Absolute


Things here in the northeast have started to take a turn towards … well cold. We have already had some very light snow showers and the cold temperatures have brought out the plows and salt on the roads. Simply put, dirt and grime is plentiful and our vehicles are starting to become dirty.

The only issue with all of this is what I just mentioned, the cold. When temperatures drop, it is no fun breaking out the hose to perform a full wash. Our hands are freezing enough as it is! Luckily enough we can opt for a rinseless wash process to help safely remove dirt and grime, without the need for a hose.

The P&S Absolute is a newer rinseless wash product, but on that has been on my list to test out once the weather starts to become uncooperative. This past week I jumped at the chance to give it a test and I am pleased to report that Absolute is one of my favorite rinseless washes on the market.

Upon opening Absolute, the smell was the first thing to hit me. It smelled clean, yet almost natural. Many other rinseless washes I have used have some sort of chemical smell even if they do smell good, so having something that resisted that was awesome. To me, it smells almost like a fabric softener. I added a few ounces to my 3.5 gallon bucket and soaked my Rag Company Ultra Wash Sponge. The vehicle was not super dirty, so I skipped a pre-soak, but use that if you need to loosen up any tough dirt and grime before the wash process. During cleaning I really enjoyed two things, the slickness of the solution and the limited streaking while washing. Absolute seemed to loosen my moderate contamination easily and the slickness really made me feel comfortable that I was safely removing dirt without adding imperfections into the paint surface. I see why Absolute is a hit and extremely popular!

Check out some before and after photos below and for more information on my specific rinseless wash process, including some rinseless wash tips, click here.


Side Panel Before Cleaning

Lower Panels Before Cleaning


Side Panel Finished

Side Panel Cleaned with Absolute

6 comments on Rinseless Washing with P&S Absolute

  1. Damon Ransom says:

    The P&S Absolute “fragrance” is coconut lime.

  2. Don says:

    Reece, I’ve read both of your articles regarding rinseless washing with ONR, and now with P&S Absolute. After using both products can you distinguish any difference in slickness, lubricating or cleaning power abilities that you would tend to favor one over the other?

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Don – I honestly love both and you really cannot go wrong with either product. Both are very slick and perform well removing light to medium contamination. With that said, I lean towards ONR in terms of cleaning ability if you are targeting paint with heavier contamination. Hope that helps!

  3. JoeV says:

    Do you follow up with a quick detailer after rinseless wash?

  4. Carmen Paulson says:

    My Marolex Industry ergo 1000 leaks from the top if I tip it to the side. Does it have to be used in upright position?

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