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The Value Of Being Your Own Detailer


There is a fine line between being receptive to mature guidance and being distracted by peer pressure.  Since when did everyone’s unique detailing business or relaxing therapy for enthusiasts turn into a righteous battle of ego!

Scangrip Sunmatch

Enthusiasts, how long does it take you to wash your car?

An example of a few people in my life; “I don’t have the makeup brushes [Detail Factory brushes] you have. But I foam the car, rinse the car. Foam the car and wash it again.”  Most people will say this excessive.  Imagine if both parties are right if it made them happy.

Do I have a specific soap (Gyeon Foam) for pre-washing a car and a car soap (Gyeon Bathe) for my wash bucket?  Yes!  I am quite sure there will be plenty of people reading this article thinking this is ridiculous. I am not likely to change my processes due to those judgments.  I do not want you to change what works for you either.

A majority of people who see themselves as prideful about car care will roll their eyes thinking much of what I do are (unnecessary) excessive steps.  One of my motivations for starting my business was to embrace it being my business, meaning my rules.

I started professionally using All In One type (polish and protect) products for most of my entry-level type details.  It was an efficient way to detail cars.  Overall it made my life easier in the context of car transformation.  I recommend a good All In One package to most new detailing business owners.

Performing A Quick Polish

I cut out my All In One services products, in favor of a light polish and dedicated protection product.  It may (honestly) arguably be wise business-wise.  But it simply was not what I wanted to do as a business owner.

Enthusiasts, it’s okay if your car washing routine is not as in-depth as someone you see on YouTube.  It is okay to not have a specialized light to inspect paint defects when polishing your car.  I encourage these devices and additional attention to detail, but not at the expense of your own fulfillment.

Business owners, it is okay to be different from the norm.  You do not have to offer a ceramic coating service because ‘everybody is doing it’.
It is okay to just wash cars.  You can have one paint correction (polishing) service as long as the people you cater to at that (price point) are happy with the remaining swirls.  That does not mean you are not a REAL detailer.  Some businesses do not offer Interior details while some people specialize (love) doing interiors.

For those that have followed me here, as a serious enthusiast (proclaimed by my peers) turned professional, my standards and norms are incorporated into my detailing lessons.  Many of which I do feel strongly about!  My hope is that you do not feel intimidated by me offering my experience to you.  Nor do I want you to feel bullied or have a need to keep up with every trend imaginable.

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
YouTube | Facebook

3 comments on The Value Of Being Your Own Detailer

  1. Dave says:

    Wow; common sense. How rare these days. Since the internet has taken over most communication, everybody (and nobody) is ever right!

  2. James says:

    Without a doubt, just the idea of running your own business beats the hell out of working for anybody nowadays, especially with this pandemic. I’ve seen a lot switch recently from their typical jobs to pursing a mobile detailing business. I can for sure tell you MANY have pretty bad ego’s regarding technique, products, services, and time it takes to do things. Luckily I’m working with a young man in Yuma AZ helping him getting his LLC started since he and I are bring in some big bucks with our mobile detailing. It’s Erick’s Mobile Wash!

  3. We recently started a mobile auto detailing services company. I came across this article and appreciated the information you provided; it’s good to hear the perspectives and opinions of others in the same industry. Thanks for publishing this!

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