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Video: Buffer Pad Cleaning


In the video tutorial below, I take you through the steps that I use to properly clean buffing pads.

If you have questions, post them up!


Greg Nichols Reflections Detailing
Greg Nichols
Reflections Detailing
Logan, Utah

31 comments on Video: Buffer Pad Cleaning

  1. Adam B says:

    That’s a good method I started using it instead of the snappy cleaner method. What’s your drying method? I have been throwing mine in the dryer for about 20 minutes on either low or no heat.

    Were those the new meguiars microfiber pads

    • Greg Nichols says:


      I just allow mine to air dry on my Grit guard, it gives good air flow. Yes these are the newer Meguiars MF pads, I really like them a lot. My self, Rasky, and todd were 1 of 28 people that got to test the system early on and I just think they are great.


  2. Greg says:

    Very nice work Greg!

    • Brian says:

      Great video. I use meguiars apc to clean pads.

      • Greg Nichols says:


        which version of Megs APC do you use?

        I really like Optimums Power clean 3:1 for cleaning my polishing pads. I didn’t have OPC the video, I used another APC and it seems like I needed to clean the pads one more time than when I use OPC…..a subjective statement at best. These pads were pretty full of old materials.


    • Greg Nichols says:


      You have a wonderful first name, the people that named you really love you!

      I’ll be working out the bugs for my videos over the course of time, I think they really give the reader much more than the write ups on many topics, granted some topics are perfect for write ups.

      I felt this topic would fit the video format the best.


  3. Brian says:

    I use the meguiars apc plus. It doesn’t foam up to much so it rinses out easy. It really seems to break down polish and wax residue.

    • Greg Nichols says:


      Megs Apc+ is nice stuff, glad its working out for ya! Report back any others you have tried so others can benefit…


  4. John says:

    Great tip – thanks! Say that looks like a RaceDeck floor – looks great, how do you guys like it? Been thinking of installing one in my home garage.

    • greg nichols says:


      Its not race deck. I looked into race deck and then found Swiss trax flooring, I compared the two side by side, and the Swiss trax is far better in my opinion………thicker, larger size, better ramps.

      I have thought about doing a series on my shop build……lighting, plumbing, electrical, flooring. I would do this If enough requesting to DI for that type. I learned a ton and am willing to share.

      Glad you enjoyed the video……..any other topics that you think a video would be better than photos?


      • John says:

        Sure, Swisstrax is nice stuff. I for one would be VERY interested in details on your shop build. I’m just a weekend warrior doing my own vehicles but I’m sure a lot of other detailers who are in business would love the info as well.

        Will give some thought to other video topics as well.


  5. Brian says:

    Yeah it’s great stuff. Although I’m yet to find anything that can clean a pad after using collinite. I wish detailedimage stocked it.

  6. Jordan says:

    Hey Greg nice video! Where did you get your foam canon, and how well do you think CG’s APC would work?

    • Greg Nichols says:

      thanks Jordan!

      I got my foam cannon from a place online, I would have to look it up….been forever! Been trying to get DI to sell them…….I suggest anyone that wants them to carry the one I use to contact them and let them know.

      I would imagine CG apc would clean them, give it a try and report back……I and others would love to know!


  7. Ivan Rajic says:

    Great video Greg. Very informative.

    • Greg Nichols says:


      Thanks buddy. It was my first go, the intro needs some “polishing” but I think videos work very well for many topics.


  8. Great video Greg! 🙂

    • Greg Nichols says:

      Thanks for the kudos Rasky!

      I look forward to some stunning work coming from you soon!


  9. Great video Greg,
    We’ve also found APC to be great for cleaning pads. Luckily the video was thorough enough to show the small things that make a big difference: like you using APC as well as brushing the pad to get the build up out. Thanks for the educational post!

  10. Derek says:

    I found using a dedicated pad cleaner works the best. It’s quick, easy and no mess. Not sure if DI sells these so i won’t mention the companies that make these fine tools. Good luck on your new venture Greg!

    • Greg Nichols says:


      Pad cleaners do work well, but since most people have a good APC already this is a good choice also.

      What is my new venture?


  11. Jim Phillips says:

    I just detail my own cars and in the past have used Optimum products. I read about Blackfire polish and ordered the polish and sealant. Haven’t had the chance to use them yet but am now reading that you can’t hardly get the Blackfire out of the pads and should just dedicate those pads to Blackfire use only. What is your take on that AND I haven’t been able to get an answer as to why that is?

    Appreciate your help.


    • Greg Nichols says:


      Optimum Power clean is a great APC cleaner! As for blackfire, I do have a dedicated pad as I can get them clean IF I put in lots of cleaning time…….Just not worth it for me. I keep the RED pad in a baggie and pull it out when I use Blackfire. Blackfire has a agent in it to aid in curing called Polycharger, this seems to the the main reason why its so hard to clean. Its also a water/oil base, and for whatever reason this base is super hard to clean off a foam pad.


  12. Jim Phillips says:

    P.S…..would “Simple Green” work as a pad cleaner? I’m not quite sure what products are “APC” which I assume stands for “all purpose cleaner”

    Thanks again

    • Greg Nichols says:


      I don’t know about simple green for this purpose……give it a try on an old pad and find out…..watch closely and then see how it behaves in the long run.

      APC=all purpose cleaner you guessed right! I like Optimums power clean the best at this point.

      What I like about this process of cleaning pads is that you already have an APC, it works very well, and you minimize the number of products by another!


  13. Omar S. says:


    Great presentation indeed. And to echo a note you made earlier (Re: I think they really give the reader much more than the write ups on many topics, granted some topics are perfect for write ups), I wholeheartedly agree. Hopefully we’ll see a uptrend with more video presentations.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise…

  14. Ron Ayotte says:

    Great minds think alike.. that is pretty much the method I use to clean my pads. I let mine soak in hot water with an APC, then rinse and scrub and allow to air dry or if i need it right awaym I’ll spin dry it on my PC.

  15. Kim Smith says:

    Thanks for the informative video Greg. I’m a visual learner, so getting a chance to watch some demonstrations, as well as read the blog entries, is really helpful for me. The time and effort you put into making the video is much appreciated.

  16. Marco says:

    Thanks Greg for your video.

    I’ve tried several different method and products to clean the pads, and i’ve found that the best cleaner is Micro-Restore, i usually do the same procedure that you did in the video with a 1:2 mix.

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