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What Your Frustrations With Others May Reveal About Your Detailing Business : Part 2


He was an accredited ceramic coating installer, offering a product/service from a somewhat popular brand.  He claimed to do premium level paint correction (polishing) and coating (protection) work under his business name.  He also frequently wanted to let everyone know the number of bookings he received.  He would engage in this attention-seeking behavior, even in the midst of someone else on a business community page seeking professional advice for their day-to-day operations.  His famous phrase, “well nobody cares to pay for my” services.

His frequent complaint was heard ad nauseam that, “nobody would pay” for his services because they “don’t want” premium quality.  We (successful detailing business owners) over the course of a year tried to reach out to him offering mentorship.  Instead of taking our advice or engaging (answering our questions) he repeatedly only offered his attention-seeking rants.  Early on I looked at his website.  There was little substance, information about his services, or description of benefits with regards to the product or services offered.  The one picture of him may have been the antithesis of a professional photo.  It was a picture with a logo of his coating brand.  In the picture, his tongue was protruded out and there was another person with no affiliation to my knowledge of his business.  For a lack of a better depiction of the picture, it was a selfie.  There was nothing about the picture that could be interpreted as professional in any way.

Although this (true story) was the most extreme example I can think of I see this trend, business owners in the detailing industry who while complaining about a lack of interest in their value offered simultaneously devalue themselves with a lack of professionalism.  Often the answer we find to the problem is a lack of congruence.  Would you give the keys to your car and a $2,000 check to someone who presents himself that way?

I conduct myself much differently in certain settings.  That is why we have personal and professional social media pages.  Also will not pretend that I have been perfect at putting my best proverbial foot forward over the years.  It would be a lie if I had not looked upon some of my past efforts with some embarrassment.  Presentation has been something I am constantly working and finding ways to improve on.  But some things should be obvious for anyone wanting to be taken seriously.

professional photo Rodney Tatum

When I see messages with numerous emojis, no professional attire in any of their pictures, and nothing of substance on the company website I question how serious the business owner is in representing his or herself beyond the actual detailing work.

When I see people trying to save pennies on the dollar doing $1200 services with rubbing alcohol and cheap towels instead of actual paint prep and quality microfibers, I think of Mr. Selfie on his website.

When the ONLY advertising you do is free advertising and you spend less than 1 hour a month marketing your brand, ask yourself what kind of customers are you attracting?

I bring these issues up for the following reasons.  First and foremost, if you don’t treat your business seriously in all respects you ultimately are just hurting yourself.  From the perspective of a competitor, you make me look all that much better.  As a detailer, you might (emphasis on might) do quality work.  But someone like myself or the clients that come to me would NEVER know because we could never take you seriously.   But also with respect to the industry and our collective struggle to be taken seriously, you really do hurt all of us.

You may shout to the world, “this is a premium service, I should not have to be subject to certain treatment from people I do business with.”  To a point, I completely agree with you.  In fact, I have written many articles on respecting oneself, running your business on your own terms, and setting boundaries.  But often I see signs of business owners lacking in professionalism, which reveals itself in their very own complaints.  There comes a point quickly where you attract what you put out.  Are you trolling yourself with a lack of professionalism?

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
YouTube | Facebook

3 comments on What Your Frustrations With Others May Reveal About Your Detailing Business : Part 2

  1. Great write up Rodney! Unfortunately, we also see this within the detailing community as well.

  2. K Mayer says:

    This is excellent! I’ve seen this in several industries with high levels of entrepreneurship. If you want money from someone, you need to appear trustworthy. You need to appear knowledgeable and skilled. Your professional persona is likely very different than your personal persona. You are creating a public image to give off the traits that are important to you and your business.
    This means customers don’t want to see your spring break trip to Mexico on your professional page. They don’t want to see political/religious things on your page. If you’re mobile, they don’t want to see those on your vehicle either. Think about how NOT to alienate your potential customer, and built a relationship that uses trust.

  3. Rodney, nicely put. Value ourselves & our work and it’s visible in most if not all aspects of our business and the results that come from it. Professional & Quality service should be the same. To the point that once someone has experienced those from your business, they won’t want to do business with anyone else. (Not because you’ve made other businesses look “less than”) but because the customer sees the added value in who they are doing business with.

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