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Multi-Step Process

  1. A series of different tasks carried out to produce a final result.

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The Hybrid Polishing Process fits somewhere between a one-step and a multi-step polish, and in this article Todd Cooperider explains the process and demonstrates on both a Dodge Viper and a Ferrari California.
In detailing and paint correction, the polishing processes are normally referred to as 1-step or 2-step depending on how many polish / pad combinations are used. But does that mean that all of them are the same?
Paint Correction: 1 Step or Single Step vs. Two Step or Multi Step
Not only is the Sonax Nano Tech Paint Cleaner much, much more than a "paint cleaner", but it may also be one of the best kept secrets in the detailing business particularly when it comes to taking care of ultra soft paints! Todd Cooperider of Esoteric Auto Detail offers up his product review of Sonax NTPC, along with recommendations on how and where to use it.
Zach McGovern of Attention to Detailing shares some tips to help you improve your detailing efficiency.
What polish and pad should I use? How hard is the paint and what approach should I take? Rasky provides us with suggestions for evaluating your paint's finish and determining a correction process.
Zach McGovern of Attention to Detailing removes factory sanding marks, scratches, swirls, etc. from this 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.
You're a detailer with 8 hours to work on a black Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. It has heavy holograms and swirls from a bad dealer prep job, and you need to get it looking as good as you can within this amount of time. What approach would you use?
Nano Coatings: When to Replace & How to Recoat
Zach McGovern of Attention to Detailing gives his initial review of the new CarPro Essence!
Detailing Gone Bad: 2003 Toyota Tundra
What's the difference you ask? Well, they are actually in the same ballpark, but opposite ends of the field! In simple terms: A detail is just that, getting to the details - the cracks, crevices, addressing trim and conditioning it, conditioning leather, cleaning glass, waxing the exterior paint to protect it, cleaning the wheels, etc. This entails the basics where you go over and simply clean and condition all parts of the car. Rough time estimate is about 3 hours, give or take. Paint ...
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