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  1. The cleaning of the vehicle's exterior in order to prep it for the following steps, usually the decontamination step.

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As many of you already know, Optimum No-Rinse (ONR) has many uses in the detailing world. Greg of Reflections Detailing explains in this article how ONR can be used as a quick detailer, interior detailer, glass cleaner, etc. That said its greatest advantage lies within its name: no-rinse washing. Washing the vehicle is undoubtedly the most important step in the paint maintenance process and we shouldnt let the lack of time or sub zero temperatures affect our washing routines (well mayb...
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Ian Howard of Gloss Angeles explains what waterless and rinseless washing are and how to perform each of them correctly.
Now that it's summertime, we're regularly involved in the weekend ritual of washing our cars...but are we doing more damage than good in the process? 20 hours of paint polishing to perfection can be destroyed in 15 minutes with improper washing techniques. Are your techniques, tools, and materials up to par?
Have you ever noticed the annoying water spots that can be left behind after hand-washing your car? Using de-ionized water through a CR Spotless water system is the key to a spot-free wash.
The winter months are often when your vehicle gets neglected the most. It's cold, rainy, maybe snowy and you would rather drink hot chocolate next to the fireplace while watching Netflix rather than detail your car. Except, you're a detail freak and can't stand your car looking this dirty, so how can we make the process less terrible? If you live somewhere where it snows the first step is to move, just kidding, but of course be safe when choosing to detail your vehicle as not to put yourself ...
Waterless Washing: The Wheel Hero
Eric Schuster of Envious Detailing shares his processes for proper and safe maintenance washing and drying...
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