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Spot Free Washing and Drying with CR Spotless


A friend with Benefits!

Have you ever used a touch-less car wash and the spot free rinse worked perfectly?  What a dream!  These systems are expensive and not easy to have at our homes.  Some say “I have soft water so isn’t that the same”?  Let’s talk about spot free water, soft water, and a possible solution!

As a professional detailer, many times mobile, in a state with super hard water I needed a solution to washing cars in direct sunlight.  The CR Spotless is a dream for me, it solves many issues I have, and some of my clients have bought them too.  I can have di-ionized water, free from particulates that cause spotting anywhere I go, giving me super cleaning abilities, and spot free drying.

Soft water systems are different than pure water from a CR Spotless system.  Soft water systems exchange Ca Ions and Na Ions, you still have these ions that can cause spotting.  The Ca, Mg, Na and other minerals harden the water and this hard water causes spotting when the water evaporates…the minerals are left behind. Not only do these mineral deposits (spots) look bad, but they can also permanently etch into your paint as well.

The CR Spotless system uses media beads to allow these minerals to bond to them, and remove the minerals, and out comes super pure water that you can leave it in direct sunlight to dry!  This system will produce the most bubbles you have ever seen when you mix up your soap, as the minerals inhibited this foaming.  The foaming allows more dwell time for your soap to work.  I love to use CG Citrus Wash and Gloss and CR Spotless as this system produces mounds of suds, and the dwell time is huge.  CG CWG has some chemical cleaners in it as well, so longer dwell times allow for the cleaner to work longer.  I have been able to do a touch free wash with this combo… that’s right, I did not have to mechanically wash the car.  I rinsed the car and allowed it to dry while I worked on the interior, saving lots of time, and avoiding the risk of marring the paint with washing and drying.  However, sometimes if the grime on the car is more than a dusting I do have to put a mitt to the paint, but less aggressively.

The CR spotless system will have to have the beads (media) replaced as it becomes spent.  The amount of time until a replacement is needed depends upon the level of harness of your water going into the system.  My water is 200ppm, and I can get about 300 gallons before I replace the media.  The initial cost per gallon is about $1.25 for me, and the cost drops over time, due to only have to replace the media and not all the system.  I now have it down to .50/ gallon.  It takes about 3 gallons to rinse my Explorer.  When I do Rv’s or large vehicles its a real saver!  Buy the media in the 1cuFt drums for the best buy, this will allow you to refill your dual filter 3 times.

I love to use my CR Spotless for the quick spruce ups, the Rv, or boat its a time saver for me, and time is money for us all…….is it worth it for you?

Again, find what works for you and love detailing.

Post up your question about this system as this is just an introduction.

Greg Nichols Reflections Detailing
Greg Nichols
Reflections Detailing
Logan, Utah

6 comments on Spot Free Washing and Drying with CR Spotless

  1. Eric T. says:

    I’ve read this article multiple times now and each time I read it I get closer and closer to pulling the trigger on buying one. What size and style do you have? Does it make washing in the sunlight easier? If so this may be what I have been looking for.

  2. Jim B says:

    I just purchased one of these units from Costco. I have a 33′ motorhome which is a PITA to wash! I have a “cannon” that works on my small power washer. Do you use the DI unit in conjuction with the cannon and PW?
    I assume you start on the roof and then do a section at a time? Any information would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

    • greg nichols says:

      Hello Jim,

      I use a PW, Cannon, and DI water. On an RV that size I also have a boars hair brush on a pole, this allows me to foam on the cleaner I want to use and then agitate with a super soft brush. I can do one side of the RV at a time, IF its not in the sun, and agitate and rinse.

      Hope this helps.


  3. Adney says:

    Where do you purchase the media beads in a drum

    • Paul Harper says:

      You can order direct from CR Spotless. Costco may also have them online.

      I’ve been using this for 7+ years, love it. I never have to towel dry anymore. I also have a Master Blaster which also helps improve drying time and getting water out of crevices but it’s really not essential.

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